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Krishna Janmashtami: 10 Creative School Activities For Kids | Culture News

Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Gokulashtami or simply Janmashtami, is a joyous Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. This vibrant and culturally rich festival is observed with great enthusiasm across India, and it provides an excellent opportunity for school kids to engage in creative and educational activities. Incorporating these craft ideas into school activities or family celebrations can enhance children’s understanding of the cultural and spiritual significance of Krishna Janmashtami.

It’s a wonderful way to encourage creativity while also fostering an appreciation for India’s rich traditions and mythology. Let the little ones embark on a creative journey as they celebrate the birth of the divine child, Lord Krishna.

Here we’ll explore ten craft ideas that can help children immerse themselves in the spirit of Krishna Janmashtami.

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Decorative Matki:

Matki (clay pot) is an essential element of Janmashtami celebrations, as Lord Krishna is believed to have a penchant for butter stored in these pots. Encourage kids to decorate small clay pots with vibrant colors, glitter, and sequins. They can also make small paper mache Matkis for a mess-free option.

Flower Crown:

Krishna is often depicted wearing a peacock feather crown. Children can create their own miniature flower crowns using artificial flowers and leaves. It’s a fun and artistic way to introduce them to the significance of Lord Krishna’s attire.

Dahi Handi:

The Dahi Handi tradition involves forming human pyramids to break a pot filled with curd. Kids can craft miniature Dahi Handis using paper cups and decorate them. They can even reenact the Dahi Handi game in a safe and controlled environment.

Janmashtami Greeting Cards:

Encourage children to make Janmashtami-themed greeting cards for friends and family. They can use paints, markers, and colored paper to create unique and personalized cards with images of baby Krishna.

Krishna Puppets:

Craft colorful Krishna puppets using paper, strings, and wooden sticks. Kids can bring their puppet shows to life with tales of Krishna’s childhood adventures.

Peacock Feathers:

Since the peacock feather is a significant symbol in Krishna’s imagery, kids can craft their own peacock feathers using paper, feathers, and paint. These feathers can be used for decorations or as props in storytelling.


Lord Krishna is renowned for his melodious flute playing. Children can make simple flutes from straws or bamboo sticks and paint them with bright colors. They can even try to produce their own “Krishna tunes.”

Krishna’s Cows:

Krishna was a cowherd in his youth, and cows hold a special place in his story. Kids can create miniature cow figurines using clay or playdough and paint them in various colors.

Janmashtami Garland:

Teach kids how to make traditional flower garlands used to adorn Lord Krishna’s idol. They can string together fresh or artificial flowers, mimicking the festive decorations seen in temples.

Krishna’s Footprints:

Using clay or salt dough, kids can create imprints of Lord Krishna’s tiny feet. They can decorate these imprints with intricate designs and place them on a decorative base.

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