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2023 travel trends: While the world stares at a recession scare, questions are once again being raised about how travel and tourism will fare in 2023. But while there’s a distinct economic uncertainty looming, and people will be looking toward the 2023 Budget session, there’s good news. New research from has revealed that nearly 75% of Indian travelers will continue to prioritize their vacations, but will be seeking more bang for their buck, with 69% planning to be even thriftier than in the past on their travels.

Most Indian travelers, over 71%, are set to plan their travel budget more tightly and take advantage of deals, hacks and smartly-timed travel. has shared some tips to help travelers save in order to splurge when it comes to travel in the year ahead.

When to travel – picking the right time

There are opportunities to save both when it comes to – when to book and when to travel. 2023 will see millennials planning more last-minute trips (53%) whilst older generations will take comfort in planning ahead as the best opportunity to get a good deal (Gen X 60% and Baby Boomers 54%).

There are deals to be had for those with well-timed trips too. Not only is a midweek getaway one of the best opportunities to grab a deal but can also be a savvy way to avoid the crowds. Those looking for a peaceful, penny-pinching break will enjoy the quieter pace and, as there is less demand, Indian travelers are more likely to save on their stay.

Mission destination: Where to travel

This year will see the impact of extreme seasons also merge into where travelers decide to explore, with 70% of Indian travelers claiming that climate change will impact the way they plan their vacations. Whilst some will look to get creative with their journeys by planning longer routes or considering off-season destinations to make their money stretch further.

Travelers looking for a getaway could consider cheaper options during the destination’s shoulder season. Some places, however, can be visited throughout the year. For instance, the bohemian and seaside city of Pondicherry in India can be visited by travelers at any time of the year. Possessing a calming energy, the city attracts spiritually minded visitors who wish to visit the destination’s ashrams. Blessed with a fascinating history, the quaint streets of ‘Pondy’ are lined with pastel-coloured townhouses and charming balconies draped with pink bougainvilleas.

Travelers can check out deals on offer at different travel portals and reap the maximum benefits offered by the sites. As travel experts say, with a little know-how (know-when & know-where) 2023 can be the year that savvy savers continue to prioritize travel but are more mindful than ever to make the most of their getaway budget.

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