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New Delhi: Some storytellers can make you laugh, cry, send you in oceans of love, or even send a chill down your spine. One such Indian storyteller is Sudhanshu Rai, a popular name in sci-fi, thriller, detective, and horror fiction with more than 200 stories. We handpicked five of his stories that delve into diverse genres, from horror comedy, inspirational, and heart-touching to horror and thriller. The idea is to offer wholesome entertainment with a difference to usher in the New Year.

Pappan Bata Gappan (horror comedy)

This Hindi horror comedy is based in a small tourist village, Panpan. Two street smart guides- Pappan and Gappan who wish to earn a quick buck and take the tourists to an abandoned train coach. Encountering mysterious and dark events, their sojourn turns into a nightmare. It leaves the listeners gasping for more, and awaiting the next episode. With more than 200 stories to his credit, he is surely unstoppable.


Adhyapak Ram (inspirational)

This is the story of a teacher who has dedicated his life to educating the disadvantaged youngsters of a little town, as the title suggests. The man has lived in the community for over 24 years, changing the lives of hundreds of people. But he suffers the greatest blow of his life when government officials order him to evacuate his home of over two decades. How will the teacher handle all of these life changes? Listen to this heartfelt story.

Mangu Chitrakaar (motivational)

‘Mangu Chitrakaar’ is an uplifting story of a small child who lost his parents when he was young and has since been cared for by her maternal grandma. What distinguishes him is the magic in his hands, which allows him to communicate using a canvas and paints. It is terrible for him to be forced to separate from his grandmother due to poverty. But, thanks to his zeal and talent, he returns stronger than ever.

Doctor Didi (horror)

Sonu, the protagonist of the narrative, is a little boy who is the son of a rickshaw puller yet aspires to be a doctor one day. Sonu works as a worker and rickshaw puller during the day and studies at a lighted location beside a roadside at night. On one of these nights, he gets distracted by a lady who inquires about him and decides to tutor him for the admission exam. Sonu succeeds in his examinations thanks to his ‘Doctor Didi,’ but he gets the shock of his life when he tries to meet her at the university hostel. What he discovers is a puzzle that baffles him.

Ghost of Prison (thriller)

In this latest story, his iconic fictional character Detective Boomrah is at work again, solving a baffling case where a prison in India is haunted by a ghost. The ghost who visited the prisoners had a deep impact on the inmates and they were either found dead mysteriously or ended up committing suicide. When the Jailer of the jail calls Detective Boomrah, he is sure that the case can be solved. Will the detective live up to his reputation? Find out in this thrilling story that is available in 4 parts. 

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