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Lock Upp: Tehseen Poonawalla at One Night Stand with businessman’s wife said- ‘The format of the show was so secret revealed’

Kangana Ranaut is seen as the host on the OTT reality show ‘Lock Upp’. A few days ago, Tehseen Poonawalla was dropped from the show. Earlier, he had revealed that a well-known Indian businessman had offered him a one-night stand with his wife. Before leaving the show, Tehseen told his secret to Saisha Shinde to come out of the show. “The case is from many years ago,” said Tehseen, who is now out of the show.

Lock Upp: Tehseen Poonawala’s revelation, ‘spent the night with his wife at the behest of top businessman’


Tehseen said, “This case is very old and not relevant now. This was 20 years ago and I used it to survive in a reality show. I kept this secret because it was part of the fun format of the show It was a game. “

Talking about his decision to reveal his secret to his friend and co-contestant Saisha, Tehseen said, “Saisha is my friend and I felt that as a transgender my secret to what she wanted to reveal to the world was trivial. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I opened my secret to save him. “

Tehseen said during the episode, “I was offered a night out with his wife by one of India’s top businessmen. He booked my entire nightclub for Saturday-Sunday. His condition was that I sleep with his wife and they Look at us. I listened to them and I had fun. They were watching us from a distance and this was not a threesome. They had some fantasies that my wife and I had fulfilled. “They wanted me to treat my wife as my estate and they wanted to enjoy the experience. So I didn’t mind.”
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In the same episode, Tehseen revealed that the businessman’s wife knew this. Not only that, it was before Tehseen’s wedding and he told his wife Monica Vadera about it before the wedding. It was while they were dating that Monica told Tehsin this.


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