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Lock Upp: Uncomfortable to see ex-husband Sara Khan, Ali Merchant said- ‘I don’t care about his presence’ –

Ali Merchant, the ex-husband of actress Sara Khan a few days back, said in an interview with our associate Itimes TV that despite the presence of his ex-wife Sara, he was not allowed to go on the show ‘Lock Upp’. Never mind Ali said, “I would love to be a part of this kind of show. There was nothing wrong with me being treated badly at the time.” I’m ready for the show, whether it’s good or not. “

Ali Merchant ruined after divorce with Sara Khan, quit acting and was forced to work


Ali Merchant has recently entered the lock-up as the 14th contestant. Ali even said that he doesn’t mind being Sara’s in the show but Sara didn’t particularly like his entry. A promo has been released from the makers of the show. In which Ali meets everyone and says that he is the new prisoner. Ali later praised Sauni’s game and went to everyone and congratulated them. Meanwhile Sara gets up and walks away and doesn’t even look at Ali.

Ali made some revelations about Sara in an interview with Itimes. Now that Sara and Ali are facing each other in the same show, it will be fun to see what kind of sparks are between them.

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Ali and Sara were married in 2010 in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 4’. But their marriage broke up within two months. Ali said his marriage was marred by controversy. He started getting controversial roles and boredom took a break from acting. He later became a DJ. Ali divorced Sara and married investment banker Aman. But they also got divorced.


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