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Lock Upp winner Munawwar Farooqi celebrates victory with ‘Mystery Girl’, shares romantic photo – lock up winner Munawar Farooqi celebrates with rumored girlfriend nazil

Comedian Munawar Farqui has been the talk of the town since he won the reality show Lock Upp. Munawwar Farooqi’s fans are very happy with his victory. There are also many fan pages of Munawwar Farooqi on social media. Comedian Munawwar Shaw is in the news because of his victory, as well as his personal life. It was revealed during the show that Munavvar is married and the father of one child. But now that he’s out of the show, Mystery Girl is discussing his relationship with Naazil. Nazil is said to be Munawwar’s girlfriend. And now it seems that Munavvar himself has confirmed this relationship. Nazil has shared photos on Instagram showing Munawwar holding Nazil’s hand and also shared a picture of a romantic pose.

Lock Upp Winner: Munawar Faruqui, a native of Junagadh, became the winner of the show, along with a trophy, a prize money of Rs 20 lakh and a car.
Nazil shared a picture of her standing with the cake and writing on the cake, Happy Birthday Nazil. In the caption he writes, the two celebrations together. Munawwar Farooqi celebrated his victory and Nazil’s birthday. It can be seen in the pictures that Nazil has a bouquet of red roses in his hand, which is speculated to have been given by Munavvar. Apart from this, there is another picture of Munawwar and Nazil which is very romantic. Nazil has shared a mirror selfie in which she is embracing Munawwar.

Munawwar’s fans have been commenting a lot since this photo came out. Someone is sending good wishes to Nazil as sister-in-law while someone is praising their pair. Not only this, with the help of Lock Up you can do wonders. Several pictures of him came in front. Munawwar did an Instagram live session for the first time since the show came out. During this time he spoke on a number of topics.

Why was Bharti Singh so happy to be the winner of Munnavar Farooqi’s ‘Lock-up’?

In the live session, Munawwar Farooqi praised Payal and expressed his desire to work with him again. Azma Fallah also joined him in the live. The winner of the first season of Kangna Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up is Munawwar Farooqi. Her sweet feud with raw almond fame Anjali Arora in Lock Up was much loved by the people. Fences also named the pair Munjali. However, during the show, Kangana showed a blurry picture which claimed that Munawwar’s wife and son were in the picture. Munavvar then declined to comment on the matter. However, Munjali fans must have been disappointed after the pictures with Nazil came out.

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