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Lunar Eclipse 2023 Date And Time In India: How And Where To Watch Chandra Grahan? Know Sutak Timings Here | Culture News

In October, sky enthusiasts have been treated to celestial wonders. It all started with a mesmerizing annular solar eclipse, featuring a captivating ring of fire. Now, they are eagerly anticipating the upcoming partial lunar eclipse, which will be the second lunar eclipse of the year, following the penumbral lunar eclipse on May 5.

Lunar eclipses have fascinated cultures for millennia due to their spiritual and mystical significance. These celestial events offer a rare and breathtaking opportunity for astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers to witness a truly unique occurrence.

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Date and Time

As per media reports, the lunar eclipse will be observed on: 

Lunar Eclipse date October 2023: October 28, 2023

Lunar Eclipse October 2023 begins (New Delhi): 11:31pm, October 28, 2023

Lunar Eclipse October 2023 ends (New Delhi): 3:36 AM, October 29, 2023

What Is A Lunar Eclipse? 

A lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth positions itself between the Sun and the Moon, resulting in the Moon being cast in shadow. This phenomenon exclusively occurs during a full moon when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align perfectly. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth obstructs the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon, giving it a distinctive reddish-brown or orange hue.

In October 2023, a partial lunar eclipse is set to grace the night sky. This event, one of three lunar eclipse types, occurs when the Moon partially traverses the Earth’s shadow, casting a reddish-brown hue over a portion of it. Discover the essential details about the date, time, location, and how to observe this Chandra Grahan in October 2023. 

Where and How To Watch:

The moon will pass through the earth’s shadow between 01:06 and 02:23 IST, a partial lunar eclipse will take place and will be seen from wherever the moon is above the horizon including Asia, Russia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, Antarctica and Oceania. It will be visible in the south-western sky from New Delhi.

At the time of maximum eclipse, the moon will be 62 degrees above the horizon and in India, the maximum eclipse will occur at 1:45am, when 12 percent of the lunar disk will be in shadow. To watch a partial lunar eclipse you simply need to go out, look up and savour the experience as the moon gradually changes in appearance and colour during the eclipse.

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