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Made In Heaven 2: Pravishi Das Opens Up On Working With Zoya Akhtar, Calls Her ‘Brilliant’ | Web Series News

New Delhi: Actress Pravishi Das spills the beans on her role as ‘Karuna’ in the much-appreciated web series ‘Made In Heaven 2’. Helmed by Alankrita Shrivastava, Neeraj Ghaywan, Nitya Mehra, Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, the series has been lauded by the netizens.

Pravishi said, “Well, I play Karuna, the protagonist Tara’s sister, the one who is minimised by the mother for not living up to her standards of beauty or worldly aspirations. Karuna has a strong mind and makes her own choices in life, not giving in to any family pressure or social ambition. The changing landscape of a relationship with a sibling is a poignant and recurring theme in most people’s lives. A lot of people connected with the idea that two children brought up in the same environment can turn out entirely different, making radically different decisions about their lives.”

Describing her working experience with Zoya Akhtar, she says, “What does one say about a storyteller like Zoya! She’s brilliant to the core and her style of expression lyrical as it is, blows me away each time. Her worldview I resonate with as an actor and audience alike. Her direction is extremely clear and precise, the fact that she was warm and respectful was the cherry on the cake!”


On reactions recieved from the audience, Pravishi shared,”I only feel grateful for the overwhelming response to the show and my character. The response has been very positive and encouraging across S1 and S2. People have appreciated my character ‘Karuna’ as the perfect foil for Tara’s character. Tara is manipulative whereas Karuna is a straight talker. The audience seems to have enjoyed Karuna’s audacity to hold up a mirror to Tara. Tara marries for money as goaded and groomed by their mother whereas Karuna rebels and marries for love. Their relationship as sisters evolves in S2 as Tara becomes the benefactor and sponsors Karuna’s daughter’s education.”

Sharing about how she prepped for the role, she mentioned, “I think as an actor one is forever in preparation. One is constantly, knowingly or unknowingly, observing life and the people around. I’m from Delhi and I know that world well. The ‘Pride & Prejudice’ of the noveriche and bourgeoisie is a conflict I’ve experienced and witnessed abundantly. So no, there weren’t any specific challenges to overcome for the role, other than ofcourse shooting intermittently through the pandemic.”

Recalling her working experience in the show, she shared, ” I got to be directed by Zoya, Nitya and Alankrita across different episodes. It was a dream team of directors to work with, excellent as they are in their craft and deeply compassionate as they are in their humanity. The whole crew of MIH was incredibly well spoken, talented and generous. They were thorough professionals and as an actor that eases you up to freely and fully focus on your work. They looked after us well and every single department was totally on point. The most exciting thing for me was to be back and shooting in my home city ! It felt like a victory lap of sorts !! I was on set with my first ever acting teacher and theatre director Lushin Dubey, nothing could have been more joyful.”

Pravishi Das is best known for work in projects such as Rang De Basanti, No Smoking, Loins of Punjab Present, Saawariya, Turning 30, Shaitan, Missing Persons Report, Chup among others. 


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