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‘Malvika’ who came to play Holi at home was painted by ‘Anupama’, her husband and son were also painted – anupamaa fame rupali ganguly celebrated holi with family and co star malvika aka aneri vajani

On Friday, every celeb in the acting industry celebrated Holi in their own way, some with their friends, some with their families, some with their show co-stars. ‘Anupama’ fame Rupali Ganguly celebrated Holi with her husband Ashwin Verma and brother Vijay Ganguly. Meanwhile, Aneri Vajani, who is playing the role of Malvika alias Mukku in the show, also joined him. Aneri Vajani had a lot of fun with Rupali Ganguly and even had some fun with her husband Ashwin Verma. Rupali Ganguly and Aneri Vajani have shared a video of the Holi celebration with fans on social media.


Newlywed Nanda in a Thai-high slit gown, looking at the picture
In the video shared by Aneri Vajani, she introduces Rupali Ganguly to the fans. He returns his birthday wishes, to which Rupali expresses surprise. Then Aneri clarifies that she is wishing not him but ‘Anupama’. In another video, Aneri Vajani is singing ‘Baby’ with Rupali Ganguly’s husband. Apart from this, in one video, Aneri and Rupali apply color on each other’s cheeks and also dance to the song playing in the background.

Forget about everyone else in the party. Which actress did Vijay Devarkonda hang out with?
Apart from this, Rupali Ganguly has also shared photos of Holi celebrations on her Instagram handle. In one picture she is seen with her husband while in the other picture she is seen with her son Rudransh and brother Vijay Ganguly. Along with the pictures, he has written ‘Family’ and also put many heart emojis.

Apart from this, some other pictures of Rupali Ganguly have also come to light. In which its cool estimate can be seen. Rupali Ganguly is seen in a sari in the serial but on the day of Holi she wore leggings and a black t-shirt.

After a break of seven years, Rupali Ganguly has made a comeback through Rajan Shahi’s show ‘Anupama’. He as well as his character are getting a lot of love from the audience. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.


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