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manoj muntashir shukla, ‘We are Brahmin, we are ascetic’ Manoj Muntashir shared this special video on JNU babal – manoj muntashir shukla new video about brahmin

JNU i.e. Jawaharlal Nehru University is always in discussion. Now all of a sudden JNU is in the limelight again as according to a viral photo in social media, several photographs with anti-Brahmin slogans have been found on the walls of JNU. The JNU teachers and students union has demanded an independent and impartial investigation into the matter. Now the famous Bollywood singer Manoj Muntashir said that this is an insult to Sanatan Dharma. Manoj Muntashir released a video and talked about the power of Brahmins towards the country.

After the incident of anti-Brahmin slogans in JNU, Manoj shared a video and explained the importance of the contribution of Brahmins on earth. Lyricist Manoj has made a video on how Brahmins have preserved our culture. Explaining the importance of Brahmins in this video, he has said that in ancient times only Brahmins were responsible for teaching scriptures to Kshatriyas. It was the Brahmins who were making kings great by imparting knowledge. Even sages have donated their bones for social welfare.
A Brahmin who founded a united India, but sadly no one talks about him today. After lyricist Manoj shared this video on Twitter, many people have reacted and supported him. However, after the Brahmins’ Quit India slogans, many organizations have demanded that the matter should be investigated impartially and action should be taken against those raising these slogans. The students claimed that the walls of the School of International Studies II building were vandalized with slogans against the Brahmin and Vania communities. Some of the slogans on the walls were “Leave Brahmin Campus”, “Leave Brahmins India,”. It may be noted here that lyricist Manoj considers Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his hero. It talks about the fate of India since 2014.

About songwriting, Manoj says that poets, songwriters, songwriters are born, but even though they are born, they need a trigger. An event that tells you what values ​​are hidden within you. For the first time in love, your heart breaks, you feel pain, the poetry that comes out without the pain will be breathless. Grief has a close relationship with poetry.

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