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Meet Bros Drop Heartwarming Romantic Sound Track ‘Chupke Se Aana’ – VIDEO | People News

New Delhi: The musical duo Meet Bros & Abhijit Pohankar stuns masses with their latest single titled ‘Chupke Se Aana’. Released on 1st December 2023, the sound track elevates the holiday cheer like no other. What’s more? The romantic track featurs the soulful voice of Papon. Riva Arora also casts a spell. Perfect soundtrack for the season’s festivities,  Meet Bros bring out their romantic avatar in ‘Chupke Se Aana’, which is composed along with Abhijit Pohankar. 

The love ballad narrates a musical voyage set against a semi-urban backdrop. The storyline revolves around two young hearts, their genuine love concealed from the world, and a heartfelt confession that adds sweetness to their connection, precisely capturing the essence of young innocent love.


On being asked about the song, Meet Bros said, “This project was brought to us by Abhijit Pohankar and once we heard the vibe, we knew exactly what was required to be weaved around it. We loved the raag and wanted to keep the innocence of the melody intact and the talented Rashmi Virag, did his magic with the lyrics, he takes you on a heartfelt journey of love and nostalgia.” 

The beautiful video is shot by Bideowale Frame Singh which compliments the energy of the song and the versatile chemistry between the young and extremely popular jodi of Riva Arora and Lucky Gupta. Riva Arora shared her excitement, saying, “I am thrilled about ‘Chupke Se Aana’ and the experience of working in a rustic yet picturesque location with the talented Lucky Gupta was truly amazing. Being an admirer of Meet Bros songs, collaborating with them was not only fun but also a rewarding experience. I am confident that this incredible song will be embraced with love by everyone.”

“Having previously collaborated with Papon on ‘Mujhe Kaise Pata Na Chala,’ we aimed to create a sequel of sorts with ‘Chupke Se Aana.’ Papon’s tonal expertise offers a seamless blend of ghazal and contemporary textures, aligning perfectly with our vision for the song. We believe that together, we’ve added a sense of depth and nuance into the composition, achieving the artistic fusion we imagined”, Meet Bros added. 

Talking about this collaboration with Meet Bros, Papon shared, “This is a kind of song that captivates you with its innocence from the very first note. Collaborating with Meet Bros has always been a pleasure, as our working styles effortlessly complement each other. Abijit Pohankar has added something very unique to the melody. I eagerly anticipate the audience’s response to the song and sincerely hope it brings joy to people’s faces during this festive season.”

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