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Merry Christmas: Top 5 songs to make the ‘Holiday Season’ a little more jolly! , movies news

New Delhi: As the whistling winter breeze engulfs the night this Christmas eve, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and listen to some of the best Christmas songs to get into the mood for celebration. Every year musicians across the globe attempt to release a classic new Christmas song that will worm its way into our hearts and give us some respite from the old tracks we all have overplayed.

So as the sleigh bells ring in a distant corner, soothe your nerves this holiday season with these top 5 Christmas songs.


`Mistletoe` by Sam Smith

Even after 11 years, listening to this song over and again will make you feel good. The endearing lyrics and charming vocals of Justin Bieber in this song will instantly make you feel elated.

`Underneath the Tree` by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson`s debut of this unabashed holiday banger was the unequivocal highlight of her 2013 holiday release `Wrapped in Red`. It`s a wonderful showcase of Clarkson`s considerable vocal talents, including a holiday choir filled with her own backing tracks.

`Christmas Time (Is Here Again)` by The Beatles

Recorded as a bit of a lark for a 1967 Beatles holiday fan club release, what this song might lack in lyrics, it makes up for with those unmatched Beatles harmonies.

`All I Want For Christmas Is You` by Mariah Carey

This track never fails to make a comeback year after year as it continues to dominate charts even decades after its release.

`Someday At Christmas` by Lizzo

As part of Amazon Music`s Christmas celebrations, Lizzo has chosen to dig deep into the holiday past and sing the timeless Stevie Wonder song Someday At Christmas, which was initially published 55 years ago.

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