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mira rajput, Mira Rajput does not like to be called ‘star wife’, calling this term insulting, made a special demand – mira rajput does not like to be called star wife

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput is not in the film industry but she is always in the limelight. After marrying Shahid Kapoor, Meera has become known as ‘Star Wife’. Meera is often referred to as a star wife in media or social media. Meera has made a name for herself as a content creator, YouTuber, investor and Ayurveda advocate. However, she is more famous as Shahid Kapoor’s wife. In a recent interview, Meera has expressed displeasure against the word ‘star wife’.

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Mira does not like the term star wife

Mira Rajput, who is 13 years younger than Shahid Kapoor, does not like being called a star wife. According to him, the term is offensive and should be stopped. Mira Rajput has expressed her displeasure not only with the term star wife but also against calling the children of celebrities as star kids. In an interview given recently, he talked about these two issues.
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What did Meera say?

Mira Rajput said, “We need to rise above these words now. Maybe these words are used to create a value. But when such words are used for children too, listening to Star Kid, people say a lot about nepotism. I think these words should be stopped. I never understood the concept of star wife. An actor or a celebrity or a star has a husband or a wife. Why doesn’t anyone say star husband and only star wife. Why say?”

Shahid-Mira got married in 2015

Let it be known that Mira Rajput married Shahid Kapoor in 2015. Mira and Shahid have two children. Their daughter Misha is 6 years old while son Zain is 2 years old. Shahid Kapoor is frequently seen on Mira’s YouTube channel.

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