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Mom’s protest, Dad’s support, two sisters from Ahmedabad floating in Shark Tank India with brand concept – shark tank india two cousin sisters wowed the investors with brand concept

The Hindi version of the American show Shark Tank India was a great success on television. Many entrepreneurs took part in it, although there were only a few entrepreneurs who impressed the Sharks with their ideas and pitch. One of them was two sisters from Ahmedabad, who amazed the seven judges not only with their brand concept but also with their fighting spirit and confidence. ‘Malu Sisters’ Ananya Maloo and Anushree Maloo, who are cousins, sell mail hygiene products. His brand concept won the judges favor. He had struck a deal worth Rs 25 lakh for 20 per cent equity in Shark Tank India.


Very beautiful Anupam Mittal’s wife from ‘Shark Tank India’ has done work in films

He was brought up in a joint family in Ahmedabad. Born just 15 days apart, these cousins ​​have been each other’s best friends since childhood. When his moms were against his business proposal, his father was the constant support.

What did Anupam Mittal say about the ‘controversy’ with self-proclaimed ‘Faltu Aadmi’, Ashnir and Aman?
Ananya Malu wrote in an Instagram post, “The road to here has not been easy. Many of our friends and family members doubted our ability, our decision as well as the product we brought to market. We laughed at his words and kept trying. There is always prejudice when women go through the cycle of change. We hope to disprove them. It would not have been possible without my father. Fighting, crying and stomach ache so much laughter was all right until I got here. They love the brand and this energy is very contagious. ‘

The two sisters faced a lot of opposition from the society but they said in Shark Tank India that they fought against all prejudices and this is a concept they believe in and they are not ashamed to sell men’s hygiene products.


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