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Movie Review Middle Class Love: A movie based on a simple story is fun – middle class love movie review in english

Actor: Preet Kamani, Kavya Thapar, Manoj Pahwa, Isha Singh, Omkar Kulkarni, Sanjay Bishnoi, Sapna Sun
Director: Ratna Sinha
Series: Hindi, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Time: 2 hours 16 minutes
Rating: 3/5

‘Her successful aadmi ke peeche ek aurat ka haath hota hai or her middle class aadmi ke scooter ke peeche uska beta hota hai, jise wo rose stingy tips deta hai’. Directed by Ratna Sinha, Middle Class Love is one such film revolving around a father (Manoj Pahwa), son (Preet Kamani) and their family. This family considers itself suffering from a dangerous disease like ‘Middleclassosis’. Ratna Sinha of ‘Shaadi Mein Garha Aana’ fame has shown all the hardships and pains that a middle class family goes through in this film.

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The story of the film is very simple. Small-town boy Yudhishthir (Preet Kamani) has grown up in a middle-class family. This boy who likes to be called ‘cool’ identifies himself with the name of UD. Mobhi of this family thinks like a normal middle class family. Who wears broken glasses to save 200 rupees. Mother earns money by making tiffin. There is a brother who eases the financial burden of the household by teaching tuition and in the midst of all this is UD. Who wants to break out of this middle class setup and do something bigger.


A love triangle brings a twist

UD believes that saving a few rupees will never make it cool. He juggles getting admission in a big college in Mussoorie to prove himself cool. Children of elite families come to study here. He thinks he can win a VIP ticket by dating Saisha Oberoi (Kavya Thapar), the most famous college girl and from the richest family in town, but Saisha makes him her boyfriend on the condition that he dates a girl like Ayesha Tripathi (Isha Singh). have to do Saisha hates this girl. This position of the story gives birth to a love triangle but several interesting incidents happen, which you will have to watch the film to know.

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The film’s director Ratna Sinha does not serve the middle class mentality with any pain but presents it in a lighthearted way. This is the USP of the film. The first part of the film seems a bit slow but after the interval the film picks up pace. The screenplay of the film is youth oriented and due to this, bromance is seen along with romance in the film. Sameer Arya and Manish Khushlani have beautifully showcased the scenic locations of Mussoorie. The dialogue of the film is funny, which portrays the middle class story nicely. Talking about the music, some songs by Himesh Reshammiya are good. The editing of the film needed to be kept a bit tight. The ending of the film is predictable yet interesting. A middle class boy understands the importance of his family and considers his father to be Superman, his mother to be Superwoman and his brother to be Captain America.


Preet has done a good job of portraying the struggle of middle class to do something. He also entertains people with his youthful and cute outlook. Kavya Thapar and Isha Singh have also done a good job in the debut film. Manoj Pahwa has proved to be perfect in the role as always. Sapna Sun also looks comfortable in the role of Maa. The supporting cast of the film is average.

Why watch?

Viewers who like to watch light films will enjoy this film.

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