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Murder at Third Floor 302 Movie Review

‘Murder at the third floor 302’ has been released on the OTT platform. The film was made 14 years ago. Apart from Irrfan, Ranveer Shourie and Lucky Ali are also in it.

Murder at Third Floor 302 Highlights:

  • There is a story connected with finding the lost wife of a rich businessman and the twist that comes with it.
  • In the film, Irrfan Khan has played his role very well.
  • Ranveer Shourie is not special in the film.

Actors – Irrfan Khan, Ranveer Shourie, Lucky Ali
Director- Navneet Baj Saini
Series- Hindi, Thriller, Drama
Time- 2 hours 6 minutes
Rating- 2/5

The story

The wife of a wealthy businessman suddenly goes missing. A large team of police is engaged in searching for her. But in the story of the film, only one missing woman is not being found.

There are various covers in the story. Can a policeman go ahead and reach the truth? This is the story of the film.

Murder at Third Floor 302 Official Trailor


Irrfan Khan, one of the best actors in the film industry, is no longer with us. He has made one-to-one superior films in his three-decade career. On April 29, 2020, Irrfan Khan left with tears in the eyes of cinema lovers.

Today they live in everyone’s memories and we can visit them through their films. Irrfan Khan died of cancer. Released on December 31, this is his last film. Unfortunately, they are not among us to watch this movie.

Murder at the Third Floor 302 took 14 years to release. At the center of the story of this film is the character of Abhishek Dewan played by Ranveer Shourie. Abhishek is a businessman and his wife Maya is missing. Abhishek informs the police and Tejinder Singh (Lucky Ali) is assigned to investigate the case.

Directed by Navneet Baj Saini, the thriller has many twists and turns. Which makes you, as a spectator, wonder if Maya is really missing or killed, or if it is part of a larger plan? The film also stars Shekhar alias Chand.

This character is played by Irfan. He is connected with this story. The film was made many years ago, so there is a lack of modern touch today. But Navneet Saini has done a good job on the screenplay.

This will keep the film tied. However, apart from the good screenplay and noble actors, everything in this film weakens it.

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There are many patches in the story of the film.

There are many things that cannot be believed. The writing of the characters is also less labor-intensive.

The film, for example, shows the police, who look like jokers. There will be especially resentment in front of the camera as it moves without cause.

It is a pleasure to see the late Irrfan Khan on screen. She is jammed in the character of Shekhar Sharma alias Chand. They speak oneliners in their estimation. In the film, Irrfan is also seen having a romance with Deepal Shaw.

Which sounds a little weird. It is often the case that what is going on in the minds of the writers while writing the character of Deepal is because there is more flaw in the character than his acting.

Ranveer Shourie is not special from the first scene. Lucky Ali doesn’t look like a cop nor does he look funny.
Cinematographer Ravi Walia has captured some beautiful locations in Thailand.

The music of the film is not memorable at all. However, the dream sequence filmed on the beach is spectacular. The good thing about 126 minutes is that it wasn’t pulled without a reason.

The climax is not more exciting and fun. The film was made many years ago, so technology has changed a lot. However, even if we compare this film with the films of that time, it seems to be declining.

Overall, ‘Murder at the Third Floor 302’ offers a chance to capture Irfan’s memory. But this is not a movie you want to remember. If you really want to pay homage to Irfan, check out some of his good films.

Include films like ‘Piku’, ‘The Lunch Box’, ‘Pan Singh Tomar’, ‘Maqbool’ in your watch list. This film is not even close to any of Irrfan’s films.

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