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‘Nandini’ Anagha Bhosale’s entry of new actress after exit from Anupamaa? Paras Kalnawat gave the answer – anupamaa no love track for samar aka paras kalnawat for now in the show

The ‘Anupamaa’ serial is currently showing the wedding track of Anupama and Anuj Kapadia. The two are engaged and the Mehndi function is currently underway. Anupama is also starting to like Anuj, it was first reported to her younger son Samar. He not only supported mom but also gave her the courage to confess her feelings. Summer is already being shown in Anupama’s party. Summer’s character is being played by Paras Kalnawat, who said he will never get bored of playing the role of ‘wise son’ for his mom in the current show. “My role as Summer from the beginning has been to show how she supports her mother and wants to take a stand for her because she has been constantly ignored by her husband,” she said. So, I don’t think my character will change going forward. Summer is not just a mom’s son but every woman should be respected ‘.

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Earlier in the show, Paras Kalnavat and Anagha Bhosale were paired. However, when the actress left the acting industry in March, her place became vacant. Asked if the show would feature any new love interest in the star, he said, “Anagha wanted a different journey so she left the industry and went back to her hometown. So, his track with me in the show came to an end. While we’re all working hard for the #Maan Wedding, I don’t think there’s any new love interest track for Summer. ‘

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Commenting on the character Anupama being played by Rupali Ganguly in the show marrying Anuj (Gaurav Khanna), the actor said, “The children have been shown to be very supportive of their mom remarrying and I think this is the most progressive track of the show. We are now waiting for the wedding as the track of music and mehndi is over. I think this is the high point of the show and I am happy with my role. ‘

Paras Kalnavat started her career a few years back with the show ‘Meri Durga’. But Anupama is getting love from the viewers because of her character.

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