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National Hugging Day: Significance and the positive effect of hugging on your mental health. culture news

National Hugging Day: Most of us don’t need an occasion to hug our loved ones but the significance of a hug can only be felt when you have experienced what a hug can do to a bad day. On National Hugging Day, we embrace and express our affection for our loved ones. Kevin Zaborney invented the day in 1986. He did it as a means of spreading kindness and compassion. Hugging involves more than just making eye contact. The act itself can be beneficial to one’s physical and emotional well-being.

Similar to cuddling, hugging releases oxytocin. This hormone has fantastic health benefits on its own. In addition to producing feel-good hormones, it also reduces pain. Receiving a hug decreases blood pressure, lowers stress levels, and lowers the risk of heart disease. It reduces anxiousness as well.

National Hugging Day: History

On January 21, 1986, Clio, Michigan, USA, observed this day for the first time. When Kevin Zaborney noticed that people appeared to be a little heartbroken around the holidays between Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, he came up with the concept of National Hugging Day.

National Hugging Day: Significance

The goal of this wonderful initiative is to inspire individuals to show their feelings more profoundly and to be more empathetic towards others. People need to open up to others and express how they feel because as times change, people tend to feel more alone and isolated.

Hugging develops relationships, brings happiness, and strengthens ties between individuals. Hugging produces oxytocin, a hormone that promotes happiness, which reduces stress and promotes overall better health.

How to celebrate this day?

Hug someone tightly. Or, if you want one, ask for a hug and enjoy the benefits of the same. You might also give someone a mental hug. Sending supportive, upbeat messages to folks in your circle will show someone you care. Enhance their happiness by giving them a verbal hug to let them know how much you value them until you can give them a physical one.

Here are some messages for a virtual hug:

– There is one gift that can’t be given without taking it back, and that is why I give you a hug. Happy Hugging Day!

– Sending you a hug from across the miles so warm and tight, even the distances would disappear and make you mine!

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