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navya naveli nanda, Jaya Bachchan and daughter Shweta Bachchan often get into trouble, Abhishek Bachchan has to intervene – how abhishek bachchan disfused tension between Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan

Jaya Bachchan is known for her fierce nature. Wherever they go and if they see photographers clicking their pictures or photos, they become like that. The veteran actress of yesteryears does not spare daughter Shweta Bachchan either. Husband Nikhil Nanda lives in Delhi for business while she lives in father Amitabh Bachchan’s house in Mumbai. The Bachchan family takes lunch and dinner together. Meanwhile Jaya and Shweta get into a fight many times. At that time, his savior happens to be Abhishek Bachchan. This was revealed by Shweta’s daughter Navya Naveli Nanda in her podcast ‘What the Hell Navya’.


Vicky stuck on this question related to Katrina, jokingly Kiara said ‘Aren’t you going home?’

Jaya Bachchan and Shweta fight at the dining table
Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan recently guested on Navya’s podcast. Meanwhile, Jaya told Navya that ‘yesterday you were not there. So he missed a lot of the action at the dining table’, to which Shweta asked the question ‘What did I do?’ So Mrs. Bachchan said ‘He didn’t do anything. We just discussed. Then Mamu Abhishek Bachchan started playing music and said ‘Shletdi. Play this music for mommy”. On that Navya asked ‘to resolve the situation?’ Confirming Jaya Bachchan, Navya talked about Abhishek saying ‘Mamu always does this. Whenever things get heated they start playing music. It’s not quiet music anymore. It’s always high tech music’.

Katrina will celebrate the anniversary with her husband in this quiet place! Mother-in-law has also made a special plan for both of them!

‘Acclaimed after four decades from mom’s mouth’
Towards the end of the podcast, Navya asked Nani and Mom about their favorite part from the show. To which Shweta said ‘My favorite part of the podcast is when mom says something nice about me, which I have never heard in the last four decades. That was my favorite part. I loved it when he and mom praised me’. So Jaya Bachchan replied that Shweta always takes everything on herself. According to her, she should always be in the limelight. Even when the family is discussing an issue, Shweta brings it to an end.

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