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neetu kapoor, after 30 years neetu kapoor visited the temple in jaipur where husband rishi kapoor used to go, shared pictures – neetu kapoor visited a jaipur temple that rishi kapoor used to go

When you’ve lived with someone for decades and they die, you suddenly feel lonely because it’s beyond your imagination to imagine how you’ll live in this world without them. However, with time the wound heals and you forget the rest of the day by keeping the few beautiful moments with that person in your mind. After the death of husband Rishi Kapoor due to cancer in 2020, Neetu Kapoor also had a similar condition. They stayed indoors and avoided contact with outsiders. However, with time, she has moved on and keeps sharing pictures with her husband on social media, reminiscing about the old days not with sadness but with joy.

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Neetu Kapoor visited Jaipur temple

Recently, 64-year-old actress Neetu Kapoor visited the temple in Jaipur, where Rishi Kapoor used to visit frequently. He shared a throwback picture on Instagram with Rishi, little Ranbir and film distributor and analyst Raj Bansal. Along with this, in another picture, he appeared with Raj Bansal and his son Abhimanyu. In the final picture is his entire family. Along with this he has written ‘after 30 years visited that temple with Raj Bansal and this time his son was with him’.

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Rishi Kapoor used to visit this temple frequently

Neetu Kapoor visited Jaipur temple with Raj Bansal’s family

Neetu Kapoor has shared a screenshot of Raj Bansal’s post on his Instagram story. It reads ’30 years ago, Rishi Kapoor along with his family came to Jaipur on Abhimanyu’s first birthday. I took him to Padampura temple. Since then, whenever he came to the city, he regularly visited the temple. Now his wife Neetu has maintained this tradition. On his present visit he accompanied me to the temple’.

Neetu Kapoor named her granddaughter ‘Raha’

Neetu Kapoor became a grandmother this month. He has named Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s daughter Raaha. Which was announced by the actress two-three days ago. Along with this it was written ‘The name Raha (chosen by her wonderful and clever grandmother) has many beautiful meanings. Raha literally means divine path. The name means happiness in Swahili. Raha means group in Sanskrit. Bengali means comfort and relaxation. When there is peace in the Arabic language. Also this name means happiness, freedom and supreme happiness. The first time we held her in our arms felt everything. Thank you Raha for breathing life into our family. It seems as if our lives have only just begun’. Neetu Kapoor was last seen in the film ‘Jug Jug Jio’ with Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani and Anis Kapoor.

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