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New Year’s eve party: Games that can make your New Year’s eve party fun. culture news

New Years 2023: The New calendar year is approaching and we have our resolutions ready for the new year. With Christmas, the holiday season begins and ends with the new year celebration. From parties to game nights and the new year’s eve countdown, everyone loves starting the new year with a celebratory bang! And for a fun night with family and friends you need a little more than food and drinks, so we have a short list of games that you can enjoy before and after you ring in the new year with the fam. Check here:

1. Truth or Dare

Now this age-old game which everyone has played but you can always add a twist to the game with quirky dares and “untruthful” truths. Instead of the traditional question and answers, you can add a bit of music to the game by pairing teams and additionally giving lifesavers when a person cannot answer the question or perform the dare.

2. Dumb Charades

Charades is a really interesting game where playing with kids also makes it fun! In this game, all you have to do is, divide members into teams and systematically one member from each team comes up and enacts the movie/play/TV show/game (absolutely anything you want) given by the opponent team. This guessing game can be made more interesting by awarding the winning team with a New Year’s present.

3. No-hand flip cup

Two teams are positioned at either end of a table with its exterior covered in filled cups. Before the next teammate begins, each player must complete their drink and turn the cup upside-down. The odd twist? You can’t use your hands to flip the cup or drink.

4. Pictionary

This game is pretty simple and all you have to do is get a whiteboard, a marker and something to clean up the board after each attempt. Now divide members into teams, one member from each team will come up and try to draw the figure or sketch that the opponent team has given. There is a short time limit within which the sketch should be ready.

5. UNO

This all-time favorite party game cannot be missed for the world. UNO makes for a fun family game with excitement. This game makes even the grown-ups have fun like kids, making the new year more happening and enthralling.

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