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Nikitin Dheer’s happiness is in the seventh heaven after giving birth to a daughter in the family after five sons.

He wanted to be a father soon after actor Nikitin Dheer married actress Kratika Sengar. So it is impossible to estimate how much happiness he will have when his daughter is born. Nikitin and Kritika’s daughter was born on 12 May 2022. Expressing happiness over the birth of her daughter, Nikiti told our associate Items TV, “It was like a dream come true when I took my daughter in my arms. Our family is very close to each other and we celebrate every festival and occasion with joy. But I felt the same way. I felt like I was embracing my own child. We have five sons in our family and my daughter Devika is the first girl. So our whole family is very eager to cuddle and love her. “
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Nowadays, the practice of naming children uniquely has increased. Nikitin and Kritika have named their daughter Devika Dheer, especially when celebs prefer different languages ​​and unique names. Talking about this, Nikitin said, “We had decided on some names for both boys and girls. We wanted to have Indian names, not Greek, Turkish or Italian. The name is beautiful. The name has a deep meaning and dignity. “

Nikitin wanted to spend quality time with his daughter but had to leave for Goa on the second day of her birth. However, Nikitin has no complaints about this because work is just as important in life. He said, “Yes, I’m missing Devika and missing her stay. But my producers have worked hard to create a schedule. This work was supposed to be done earlier but for some reason it could not be done. The shooting took place in Mumbai when I was born. I made this commitment before my daughter was born so I am happy to be back on the set. Work is just as important. “

Have you become more responsible now? Answering the question, Nikitin Dheere said, “I have always lived a life free from the shackles of social etiquette. I used to work before marriage and travel with what I earned. I used to disappear for a while. When I ran out of money, I came back to work.” But my outlook on life has changed since we got married. Now that our daughter has been born, I have started to pay more attention. I have changed at every stage of life and I can see it clearly. I want to be a good father, just like my parents. “

Nikitin and Kritika were married in 2014. Their daughter was born in 2022. This is the couple’s first child.

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