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Nisha Rawal conspired against Karan Mehra with alleged lover Rohit Sathia? Kashmera Shah revealed! – Have Nisha Rawal and Rohit Sathia conspired against Karan Mehra Kashmira Shah reveals

The dispute between Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra is getting very public. Now there is a twist of affair between Nisha Rawal and her supposed brother Rohit Sethia. Earlier, Nisha Rawal had accused Karan of extramarital affair. After which a few days ago, Karan Mehra held a press conference and claimed that Nisha Rawal and Rohit Sethia are having an affair. Actress Kashmira Shah, who has been a friend of Karan and Nisha, has put her side in this matter. Kashmira has spoken about the idea she had when she met Nisha and Rohit Sethia and their alleged relationship.

Nisha Rawal lives with alleged boyfriend Rohit Sathia, who has connections to Shahid Kapoor’s family.

Kashmira Shah talks about Karan-Nisha

In a conversation with our associate ETimes TV, Kashmira recalled the day when the rift between Nisha and Karan first became public. Kashmira said, “Nisha and I are in the same girl gang but she never let me smell any problems in our marriage. One day in May 2021, I got a message from her that – all is not as it seems. I felt she had problems in her marriage so I gave her financial support. And offered accommodation but she refused. She is very self-respecting.”

Tell the incident of 31 May 2021

“On May 31, 2021, Rohit Verma called me around 12.30 pm and said, Karan Nisha is my target. I was shocked because even Karan is a mosquito. But at that moment we had to focus on Nisha. Rohit said, come prepared. But after that I waited till 2:30 but no one called. When I called, Rohit said – ‘Everything is settled and everything is fine. I am at the police station.’ The next day I called Munisha Khatwani and she said, Nishan needs us. It was our duty as friends to go. Munisha and Rohit came to pick me up”, added Kashmira.

Kashmir Shah was in trouble

The scene I saw at Karan and Nisha’s house was terrible. Police were present there. Nisha was calm and Rohit was angry. Just then a man came there and asked me if I would like tea. He identified himself as Rohit Sethia. She had tears in her eyes and said, Karan took Nisha into the room, closed the door and leaned her head against the wall. I asked him, had he seen this? Then he replied ‘yes’. I asked him that if the door was closed, how did he see it? That’s when I smelled something amiss, Kashmira added.

After listening to Rohit’s words, doubts arose again

At that time, Kashmira refused to speak anything about this whole issue in the media. Kashmira also refused to participate in the press conference held by Nisha. “After this, Nisha came to me. I asked her if she had undergone plastic surgery or needed money? But she refused. That time Rohit Sethia came again. He said- ‘Look what happened, he (Karan -Nisha) were a perfect couple.’ Then I told him that the CCTV cameras are installed in the room, so the truth will come out. Then Rohit said – No, this camera is off. At that time, I got suspicious again”, said Kashmira.

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Kashmira thinks Karan is innocent

Kashmira believes that some of Karan’s friends know the truth but they are not coming forward. She also wants Karan to have the right to meet her son. Kashmira believes that Karan is innocent. Now Munisha and Rohit Verma also agree with this and they want to apologize to Karan. According to Kashmira, a few days ago Karan had called her and asked if she would be his character witness. Kashmira is ready because she believes that Karan is innocent.

Kashmira speaks on Rohit-Nisha’s relationship

Are Nisha Rawal and Rohit Sathia in a relationship? Asked this question, Kashmira said, “Oh God! I don’t even want to think about it. It’s an uncomfortable thought. This is her life. This is both of their lives. They are adults. But if they are in a relationship, that’s all.” It seems well-planned.” Kashmira has not been clear about the relationship between the two, but after finishing the talk, she only says that she wants to stand with Satya and not do injustice to Nisha-Karan’s son Kavish.

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