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Oiling Your Hair Before Shampooing? Dos And Don’ts To Follow, Common Myths Debunked | Beauty/Fashion News

The winter season is upon us and as the chill intensifies, your hair faces the brunt, with harsh weather damaging your locks, turning them dull and rough. This is also the time for New Year parties as well as wedding festivities in India, which means frequent hair styling that leads to further damage of hair thanks to overuse of chemicals, hair colours, heating tools like blow dryers, etc. To protect your hair from damage, oiling can be an effective and simple solution.

Dr Shilpa Vora, Chief Research & Development Officer, Marico Limited, says, “There’s a simple yet effective solution to combat the winter hair woes, caused by both, external factors, and styling – regular oiling before shampooing. Indulging in this simple time-tested haircare regime will effectively give you healthy nourished hair throughout winter. Hair Oils with natural ingredients like avocado, aloe vera, olive etc. are excellent choices as they help repair signs of hair damage: They reduce hair dryness and breakage and also help tame split ends.”


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Myths About Oiling Hair Debunked

Dr Shilpa Vora debunks the following common myths about regular oiling of hair:

• Oiling is a time-consuming process: In truth, oiling just a few hours before shampooing will effectively help in damage repair and give you healthy, nourished hair
• Oiling leads to dandruff: The trick is to oil on a clean scalp instead of a greasy, dusty scalp, it is an effective way to maintain scalp health
• One hair oil for all hair concerns:  It is important to understand the problem at hand and choose a hair oil accordingly. For example: Hair oil enriched with a pro blend of three natural ingredients – avocado, aloe vera and olive oil will effectively help protect your hair from surface damage caused by dry winters, pollution, everyday styling, and chemical treatments.

How Hair Oiling Can Help

Here is how regular oiling before shampooing can help and you say ‘No’ to potential hair damage during winters, suggests Dr Shilpa Vora:

1. Stimulating blood circulation: A good hair oil massage helps improve blood flow to the hair follicles and enhances the delivery of nutrients, fostering healthier hair growth.
2. Repairing and strengthening hair: Regular oiling provides the necessary nutrients to repair and strengthen the hair shaft. The oils get absorbed and repair surface damage, improving the overall strength of hair.
3. Reducing frizz: Regular oiling helps tame frizz and makes the hair manageable. Additionally, the lubricating properties of the oil make it easier to detangle the hair, preventing breakage during combing or brushing.

How To Choose Right Hair Oil And Shampoo

A simple 2-step process of deep oil massage followed by a gentle wash containing the right ingredients can help you repair hair surface damage during winters. “Here’s a pro tip: Choosing a hair oil and shampoo with a blend of these three wonder ingredients will effectively help in the repair of surface damage to hair. Avocado is known to fortify hair strands, enhancing overall hair health, while Aloe Vera is known to provide deep conditioning and reduce dryness and hair breakage. Olive oil, is known to be rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and provides strong and nourished hair. Indulging in a routine of oiling before shampooing can help make your hair strong and nourished,” shares Dr Vora.

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