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Opinion: Animal Marks Deol Family’s Cinematic Resurgence in 2023 – How Bobby And Sunny Are Carrying Foward Dharmendra’s Legacy | Movies News

Like Father, Like Sons: The Deols Make a Remarkable Comeback

In the annals of Bollywood history, 2023 will be remembered as the year the Deols, led by patriarch Dharmendra and his sons Sunny and Bobby, made a resounding return to the silver screen, proving they are far from being written off.

Dharmendra’s Charismatic Comeback at 87

Dharmendra, the iconic action hero, showcased that age is just a number. At 87, he retained his onscreen charisma, portraying the octogenarian grandfather in “Rocky Rani Ki Prem Kahani.” While his onscreen kiss with Shabana Azmi made headlines, the legendary actor was content with receiving a nod of approval.


Sunny Deol’s Mega Blockbuster – Gadar 2

Sunny Deol silenced naysayers with the mega blockbuster success of “Gadar 2.” The rap on the knuckles to industry skeptics who had written him off was loud and clear. Sunny, known for his straightforwardness, called out industry hypocrisy, emphasizing his lone ranger approach in the industry.

Bobby Deol’s Resurgence Post OTT Debut

Bobby Deol, openly discussing his struggles, saw a career resurgence post his OTT debut in “Ashram.” His chiseled body in “Animal” and a menacing avatar grabbed attention, leading to overwhelming success and tears of joy.
Deols: A Unit True to Their Roots

Known for their “punjabiyaat,” the Deols, rooted in tradition, have stayed socially reserved. Contrary to the industry’s social-savvy norms, they prefer keeping their private life private. Despite being absent from glitzy Bollywood events, the Deols stand united.

Sunny Deol’s Candid Truth Bombs on Bollywood

Sunny Deol, known for his candor, highlighted the challenges of being an actor from the film fraternity. He spoke about the industry’s double standards and the difficulty faced by actors not belonging to influential camps.
The Future for the Deols: Post-“Apne 2” and Beyond

Sunny Deol expresses eagerness for a collaborative project with his family post-“Apne 2,” contingent on audience acceptance. He acknowledges the difficulty in finding the right story, director, and producer but remains hopeful.
Conclusion: Silent Roars of the Deols

In an era of meticulously crafted star images, the Deols have proven that silent roars can be the loudest. With audience support and a commitment to quality cinema, the Deols’ legacy continues to resonate in the ever-evolving landscape of Bollywood.

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