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Pataal Lok: Abhishek Banerjee’s Iconic Transformation Into Hathoda Tyagi | People News

New Delhi: Best known for playing comedic characters, Abhishek Banerjee has astonished the audience with his performance in Paatal Lok as ‘Hathoda Tyagi.’ Having given the roles like ‘Jaana’ in Stree and ‘Mahinder’ in Dream Girl, ‘Hatoda Tyagi’ in ‘Paatal Lok’ has come as a big turning point in Abhishek’s career where he stepped out of his comfort zone and took up the shoes. of an intense criminal character.

In a recent interview, on his transformation as Hathoda Tyagi, Abhishek said, “During the first lockdown, I was a little hopeless with all the news and stories of death and destruction around the world. It’s bizarre that during that time, Paatal Lok was released. The trailer released on my birthday and with all the hopelessness, I saw a ray of hope and I derived inspiration from Hathoda himself. I was confined to my home like he was confined in a jail. I still remember when I was preparing for Hathoda Tyagi, the only thing I told myself was he doesn’t see the world the way we see it. He only sees death and destruction & that’s exactly what I was looking at through social media or the news channels.”


Abhishek added, “I told myself to be patient, like Hathoda was patient, waiting silently for the next job, and I kept waiting silently for my next job. In a way, Hathoda Tyagi helped me pass through the difficult times we were living in. Hathoda Tyagi is one such character who confuses me with my emotions, even till today. I don’t know whether to hate him for the criminal he is or love him for the soul he was”.

Meanwhile, on the work front Abhishek will be next seen in Section 84, Dream Girl 2, Stree 2, Bhediyaa 2, Vedaa and Raman Raghav 2.

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