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Phenomenal Year For Vikrant Massey: Striking A Perfect Balance Between Personal Life Happiness And Career Success! | Movies News

New Delhi: During a recent small family get-together to honour his wife’s birthday, Vikrant Massey closed another chapter on what was clearly the year of his life. The event highlighted not only his personal happiness but also the incredible success of his most recent endeavour, ’12th Fail’.

Vikrant Massey has made daring casting decisions time and time again during his illustrious career, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. He is currently experiencing the pinnacle of his career and personal success.

A major turning point in Vikrant’s career, ’12th Fail’ confirmed his ability to work with unusual characters and struck a chord with viewers. The actor’s upcoming months look to be an exciting journey, made possible by this success.


Envious of what lies ahead, Vikrant is preparing for a romantic love story with the gifted Rashi Khanna. He will also be directing for the first time in Niranjan Iyengar’s project, which will adapt the captivating stories of well-known author Ruskin Bond. A thriller that Vikrant is looking forward to, “Sector 36,” promises to be exciting, mysterious, and have a compelling story that will add to his repertoire.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of his professional life, Vikrant is embarking on a new chapter in his personal journey. The recent announcement of impending fatherhood, coupled with the celebration of his wife’s birthday, adds a layer of excitement and joy to the actor’s life.

Vikrant Massey’s ability to balance professional success with personal fulfilment is a testament to his dedication and strength of character. He has emerged as a role model for many, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve great things while also cherishing the most precious moments in life.

As Vikrant navigates this exciting phase, fans can eagerly anticipate more outstanding performances and heartwarming moments from this gifted actor. In both his personal and professional spheres, Vikrant has indeed made 2023 a blockbuster year to remember.

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