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Prabhas fans storm the internet with ‘Saal nahi Salaar hai’ ahead of his BIG release! , regional news

New Delhi: This year’s highly anticipated film ‘Salaar’ and one of the biggest collaborations in the industry of Prabhas and Prashanth Neel has out rightly claimed that 2023 ‘Saal Nahi Salaar Hai’. It’s one of the year’s most important film events and is touted to be Prabhas’s big return replicating the success he marked with the Bahubali franchise.

This film is massive for several reasons, one being the dream team of Prabhas, and Prashanth Neel joining hands. ‘Salaar’ is Prabhas and Prashanth Neel’s debut collaboration, and the film is expected to be a game changer in the film industry. Salaar is an ambitious collaboration of India’s two biggest franchises, Bahubali and KGF, as this is the first time Hombale Films, the producers of KGF, the director of KGF, the technicians of KGF, and the star of Bahubali will come together to serve India another blockbuster in 2023.


Hombale Films, which has produced blockbusters such as KGF, KGF 2 and Kantara, is preparing to release Salaar in 2023. The audience will not be able to ignore the exciting combination of KGF’s director, producer, and technicians with Bahubali’s hero!

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Meanwhile, it is being learned that Hombale Films Salaar has been mounted on a very huge scale and has been budgeted at a whopping 400+ crores. While the dynamic team and technicians of KGF are also a part of Salaar, we can certainly now say that the era of Salaar has begun. The film is now all set to release on September 28, 2023.

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