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Prakash Raj outraged over Amit Shah’s statement, says- We warn, stop imposing Hindi – prakash raj reacts to amit shahs remarks on hindi language

There are many actors in the film industry who react fearlessly to various political and social issues. Recently, Indian Home Minister Amit Shah said that Hindi should be considered as an alternative to English and people in non-Hindi speaking states should also use Hindi instead of English. Amit Shah’s statement has drawn strong criticism from the people. Music director AR Rahman has also reacted anonymously while Prakash Raj has also objected.


Prakash Raje shared a clip of Amit Shah’s statement and tweeted, “Don’t try to break into the house, Home Minister.” We are warning you to stop imposing Hindi. We love our diversity. We love our mother tongue. We love our identity.

It may be mentioned that Prakash Raj’s mother tongue is Kannada but he has also acted in various South Indian languages ​​like Telugu, Tamil films. Apart from this it is also seen in Bollywood movies. Prakash Raj can speak many languages, including English. Apart from Prakash Raj, many people in South Indian states have criticized Amit Shah’s statement.

Before Prakash Raj, popular musician AR Rahman also reacted sharply to Amit Shah’s statement. “Tamil is the very root of our existence,” he wrote in a tweet. It is worth mentioning that AR Rahman can speak English and Hindi besides Tamil. AR Rahman also shared a picture of mother Tamil with this post. AR Rahman is not mentioned but due to the language related post at this time, it is believed that he has replied to Amit Shah only.


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