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Queen of Divorce To Knight Flower: Top 8 Much-Awaited K-Drama To Watch This January | Movies News

New Delhi: From a woman seeking revenge on her cheating husband and best friend to two rivals who reunite and find love. From extramarital affairs, time travel, mysteries as well as comedies, the new year offers a vast spread of K Dramas to binge on.

“Marry My Husband”

Time travel remains a popular theme in Kdramas in the new year as well. Based on the popular web novel of the same name, Marry My Husband tells the story of a terminally ill woman Kang Ji Won ( Park Min Young) who is betrayed by her best friend and husband, who are having an affair, and then ends up getting murdered by her husband.

But fate has other things in store, when Kang Ji Won is transported back into the past and gets a second chance in life, and she plots a bittersweet revenge on the two people who had destroyed her life. Produced by Studio Dragon, “Marry My Husband “ has premiered to strong ratings.

“Death’s Game, Part 2”

The much-awaited part 2 of “Death’s Game” premiered this month. The story of an unemployed young man Choi Yi Jae( Seo In Guk) who jumps to his death, only to end up facing an angry grim reaper (Park So Dam). She admonishes him for his flippant attitude towards death and punishes him to re-experience death not once but 12 times through the bodies of 12 different people, whose end is imminent. The catch is if he can prevent one of them from dying he gets to live once more. The show comes with a strong message. So will Yi Jae manage to get a second lease in life. SLL’s “Death’s Game” is an adaptation of the popular webtoon Yi-Jae Will Die Soon”.


“Gyeongseong Creature, Part 2”

Set in 1945, “Gyeongseong Creature” tells the story of an entrepreneur and a sleuth who must fight for survival and face a monster born out of human greed. Starring Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee, the drama opened to mixed reviews and returns for season 2 on January 5.

“Doctor Slump”

The romantic comedy “Doctor Slump” follows two former rivals who reunite and unexpectedly become each other’s source of comfort during the darkest period of their lives. Starring Park Hyung Sik who plays a plastic surgeon whose thriving career crashes one fine day. Park Shin Hye plays an anesthesiologist who is suffering from burnout syndrome. Viewers are excited to see two actors reunite ten years after their last drama outing in the teenage ensemble drama “The Heirs”.

“Flex X Cop”

Ahn Bo Hyun is one actor who has showcased his versatility, from action to romance as well as comedy. He now returns in a drama that blends crime, comedy and romance in “Flex x Cop”, the story of a rich heir played by Bo Hyun, who becomes a police detective in the violent crimes division despite his immature personality and his family’s wealth.

“A Shop For Killers”

One of the much-awaited dramas “ A Shop For Killers” sees Lee Dong-wook as Jung Jin-man, a man who runs a mysterious shopping centre that trades in weapons. He takes in his niece Jung Ji-an played by Kim Hye-jun of Kingdom fame, following the murder of her parents. But, the question is will she join him in running this murky business or turn against him?

“Knight Flower”

An action comedy set in the Joseon Era, “Knight Flower” is the story of a widow played by Honey Lee, who seems to lead a quiet and virtuous life. However unbeknownst to people, she has a dual identity. She turns into a Robin Hood of sorts helping the distressed. But things take an interesting turn when she encounters a military officer played by Lee Jong Won.

“Queen of Divorce”

Starring Lee Ji Ah ( Penthouse) and Kang Ki Young ( The Uncanny Counters, 2), the drama follows two divorce lawyers who bring justice to their clients by punishing the errant spouses. Lee Ji Ah is Sara Kim, the Miss Fix It when it comes to cases and Kang Ki Young Dong Ki Joon, is an eccentric lawyer. Things take an interesting turn when they encounter a military officer Park Soo Ho. 

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