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Rajeev Sen is still in touch with Charu Asopa, who is separated with her daughter Rajeev Sen tries to keep her happy by sending messages

Charu Asopa (Charu Asopa) and Rajeev Sen (Rajeev Sen) recently revealed that they have decided to separate. The actress had leveled some serious allegations against her husband and she also responded in her previous vlog saying that she is still ready to make amends. Rajeev said Charu defamed himself in front of the media and fans and could have avoided doing so. He shared another vlog and said that he is still in touch with Charu and tries to encourage him to stay positive and take care of daughter Ziana. Responding to fans’ questions about Charu and himself, he said, ‘I am in touch with him and on my part I am trying to get along well with him’.

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‘I keep encouraging Charu’
‘I keep sending him nice messages on WhatsApp and make him feel that I am by his side even though we are not physically together. Apart from this, I also make sure that Ziana stays healthy. Let him do what he wants to do. This is the path she wanted, I encourage her to stay positive. Keep giving him love, friends, and if you want sympathy, give it in abundance. Let’s go feel like she’s winning, she’s happy and the world is for her’. ‘For me it’s important that it remains stable because if it remains positive then automatic Ziana will be happy too. I will definitely spend time with my daughter when I go to Mumbai, many of you are looking forward to it and so am I’, he added.

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Rajiv Sen’s Relationship Advice
Rajeev Sen also gave advice to his viewers about relationships. He said ‘It’s not just about me, but every coin has two sides and you should talk about your partner. It’s not always about you, it’s also about the other person and you should address that. It should stay between the two of you. It is not for the world. You can also discuss with your family if you are comfortable. In every relationship, mutual problems should be talked about and resolved before involving others. It is necessary to understand each other. If a third person comes in between, your relationship will suffer. Keep everything between yourselves and don’t let others interfere’.

Charu Asopa made the allegation of domestic violence
In an exclusive interview with our partner ETimes TV, Charu accused Rajiv of domestic violence. ‘I always kept silent and never told the truth about Rajiv because I didn’t want to spoil everything. But when Rajeev started making statements like I need a doctor’s help, I am mentally ill, called me a dramabaaz, then told the media, I didn’t tell him about my first marriage. So, I had to come out to tell the truth. I am getting a lot of hate on social media’, he said.

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