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Rajeev Sen, Rajeev Sen does not want a divorce? Rajeev Sen says his doors are always open for estranged wife Charu Asopa

Sushmita Sen’s brother-in-law Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa’s marital discord has now become a topic of discussion. Charu and Rajiv are off the hook but they are attacking each other through the media. On one hand, Charu Asopa is determined to get a divorce, on the other hand, Rajeev says that the doors of his house are still open for Charu. Rajeev Sen recently shared a vlog on his YouTube channel. In which Rajiv has presented a new angle of Charu’s allegations.

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Rajiv responded to Charu’s allegations

Some time ago, Charu accused Rajiv of harassment and mental torture. Now Rajiv has put his side on Charu’s allegations. Rajeev said in the video, “Charu has done wrong by going to the media and revealing our personal details to the world. I accept that Charu must have felt wrong and she could have vented her anger in other ways. She did not need to go to the media and tarnish anyone’s image. I have had many relationships before marriage but no one has spoken to me like this. I sometimes think am I such a bad person? Many of you have formed opinions for me too.”

Charu’s behavior was considered childish

Rajeev Sen called Charu’s reaction childish. He continued, “What will Charu do to me who doesn’t respect my mom and sister. I don’t want to say anything more than that. Charu loves me a lot and that’s why he’s upset. Charu is a pure hearted person. He doesn’t love me. If there was, what would be the use of saying all this.”

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‘Doors are open for Charu’

Rajeev further said that the doors of his house are always open for Charu. He said, “Come back then. This is what is right for you and Xiana.” Also, Rajeev told fans that they can guess where he was during the lockdown by watching the video. Rajeev says that if the whole world was closed in the lockdown, how can I reach Charu. Rajeev also clarified that he never used the word affair for Karan Mehra and Charu’s relationship. Now that both Charu and Rajeev have left their respective sides, only time will tell who is the real one.

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