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Rajinikanth’s Secret Of Looking Young At 73 Decoded: Is It Meditation And Himalayan Medicinal Roots Given By Sages? | Regional News

Bengaluru: The energy and vibrancy of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth at the age of 73 years is much talked about. His best friend from Bengaluru, Raj Bahaddur has revealed the secret during the release of his recent mega-hit ‘Jailer’.

Talking to the media, Raj Bahaddur explained that Rajinikanth derives energy from meditation. He goes to the Himalayas often and meets sages. The sages will give him certain roots of medicinal plants to remain composed and young. Once that root is eaten, it will give energy for the period of a week. It will energise the body, he explained.

“That is why Rajinikanth is 73-year-old, and looks like a 23-year-old man. He is looking more active and vibrant films after films. The swag has never come down. The reason is the special medicinal plant root that gives him the energy,” said Raj Bahaddur.

He further explained that every Rajini film is a festival. “Rajinikanth called me yesterday and asked me to watch the movie and give my review. Others will only tell him that the movie is good and I will give him correct feedback. I won’t do that. He has been my friend for 53 years. I don’t fear and tell things plainly as they are. Rajinikanth knows about it,” he explained.

“After every film’s release, Rajinikanth will visit the Himalayas, conduct prayers and come back. He could not go to the Himalayas for four years as he was sick. This year he has gone. When he called me, I advised him to not go as there is heavy rain in north. But whatever he decides, he does it,  no matter what,” he stated.

“I like ‘Basha’ the most among Rajinikanth’s superhit movies. Likewise, at the age of 73 years, Rajini has retained the same swag in the Jailer movie. Like ‘Basha’, this movie is also going to create history,” he said.

Rajinikanth is settled in Tamil Nadu but he is a Kanndiga. Rajinikanth has great respect towards Kannada language. He has ensured that Kannada superstar Shivarajkumar is part of the Jailer movie. We have known each other for more than five decades. He was the conductor and I was the driver,” said Raj Bahaddur.

“Fans celebrate me coming to theatres and they think Rajinikanth himself has come to watch the movie. Rajinikanth knows about it and many times warned me to be careful,” he added.

Rajinikanth had explained in length the bond between him and Raj Bahaddur at the pre-release function of the movie Jailer and remembered how he could enter the film industry because of him.  

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