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Raju Srivastava took the responsibility of two orphaned sisters in Corona, Khushi and Pari broke down after hearing the news of death – late comedian Raju Srivastava took the responsibility of two orphan sisters

Kanpur- Comedian Raju Srivastava (Raju Srivastava) are no more. Known for his witty outlook, Raju has made people laugh throughout his life. The mimicry, stand-up done by him must have put a smile on the face of millions of people. Today all those people are mourning the death of Raju. Raju Srivastava saying goodbye to the world in this way is painful for everyone. It must be a tough time for his family right now. But there are two sisters, along with fans and family, who are crying a lot after hearing the news of their dear Raju Uncle’s demise. Both these sisters lost their parents during the Corona period. At that time, Raju Srivastava became his support. These two sisters also went to Mumbai to meet Raju.

Two sisters named Khushi and Pari living in Govind Nagar lost their parents due to Corona. The family members also refused to keep him. No one was ready to take the responsibility of the innocent sisters. The house owner and caretaker Prem Pandey looked after these sisters at that time. When Raju Srivastava’s friend and state general secretary of All India Industry Chamber of Commerce, Gyanesh Mishra came to know about this, he came to meet the sisters. He spoke to his friend Raju about this. Raju called both the sisters to Mumbai. Khushi and Pari went to Mumbai and met the comedian.

Raju Srivastava used to get 50 rupees for mimicry, from auto driver to become comedy king a lot of struggle

When Khushi and Pari met Raju Srivastava in Mumbai, they hugged him and cried. Raju puts his hand on her head and assures her that he will always be with her. Raju Srivastava then made both the sisters laugh by joking. He promised to take responsibility for Khushi and Pari’s education. From time to time he used to call and ask about the whereabouts of both the girls. He used to go to meet him when he had to go to Kanpur.

When Khushi and Pari got the news of Raju Srivastava’s death, both of them started crying in tears. Khushi says that first mom and dad left us and now Raju uncle also left us. He loved us so much. He used to call and ask about studies and health. Me and Ri loved Raju Uncle very much. We prayed for his good health every day.

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