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Rashmi Rocket Movie Review

Tapsi Pannu’s lead role in the film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is a must see for a strong performance. You can spend time watching this movie this weekend.

Rashmi Rocket Highlights:

  • Tapasi Pannu’s film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is based on a true story.
  • Supriya Pathak plays Rashmi’s mother while Priyanshu Penuli plays her husband.
  • Tapasi Pannu’s preparation for the film proves that she can cast herself in any role.

Actors: Tapasi Pannu, Priyanshu Penuli, Supriya Pathak, Abhishek Banerjee, Supriya Pilgaonkar.
Director: Attractive Khurana
Category: Hindi, Sports Drama
Time: 2 hours 9 minutes
Rating: 4/5

The story

Tapasi Pannu’s film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is based on a true story. This is the story of an athlete who is embroiled in controversy after reaching the peak of her career. A secret gender test is performed.

This story is about Athlete Duti Chandni in real life. Duti’s body was found to have high levels of testosterone, which caused controversy in her career.

However, in the midst of this controversy, will the film’s Rashmi fly like a rocket or lose to fate? The film tells the story of the fight against the prejudices and conspiracies prevailing in the society and the sports world about women athletes.


Rashmi is a resident of Bhuj, Gujarat. This small town girl has been running very fast since childhood. His heart is rebellious. She often got into fights with the boys.

She swam apart from girls her age because of her brown complexion and masculine appearance. The same reason also kept him away from other girls. However, he had a talent that set him apart from everyone else.

Rashmi was running at the speed of a leopard. Rashmi had the full support of her family. Especially his mother Bhanuben (Supriya Pathak). He is just as stubborn as Rashmina. Rashmi moves on.

Rashmi represents India in the Asian Games. When everything is going well, something happens in his life which destroys his career, morale, identity … everything in one fell swoop. A gender test and the question of whether Rashmi is a girl?

Rashmi Rocket Official Trailor

‘Rashmi Rocket’ is different from other sports drama films. In the climax of this film, no winner is declared in any field or ring. Nanda Periyasamy has written a story that will keep you hooked.

The tight screenplay of Aniruddha Guha has made the story of the film even better. Director Aakash Khurana will make you sit in a chair as well as ensure that your attention goes to every detail of the film.

What is special about this sports drama film is that it is also a courtroom drama. A battle has been won here too. The court arguments shown in the film are special and relevant.

Judging by the way the film proceeds, it does not seem to have shown too much patriotism. However, there are many scenes in the film where you feel that even in real life, like in the film, female athletes get privileges who have gone through this kind of problem.

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Undoubtedly this is something like an ideal situation.

The film proves how such women should have the opportunity to live a normal life and listen to them.

Especially when his career ends after a test, he is not only ridiculed and discriminated against.

Tapasi Pannu has once again proved through her physical and mental preparation that she can cast herself in any role. Rashmi is happy with the victory and Tapasi has succeeded in bringing both her pain to the screen.

However, the way the makeup depicts her complexion looks a bit fake.

There are many character actors in the film who have played their roles well. Priyanshu Penuli leaves an impression in the role of a supportive husband. A husband who loves his wife and stays by her side at every stage of life.

Abhishek Banerjee has done a good job in the role of Rashmina’s lawyer. Supriya Pilgaonkar is on screen as a judge. Mantra’s work as Rashmina’s coach is also commendable.

Amit Trivedi’s music and Kauser Munir’s lyrics connect emotionally. However, the background score in the courtroom scene is staggering. The canvas of the film is not very elegant but it looks exactly like the screenplay.

The crowd of spectators in the stadium and the long shots also fill you with excitement as a spectator.

Overall, the ‘Rashmi Rocket’ has landed on every aspect. From the lead actor to the supporting character, all the actors have performed strongly. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

It also teaches what should be put aside in prejudice and inequality.

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