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Ratan Rajput made a sensational revelation about the casting couch, said – the old producer made an unprecedented demand – ratan rajput made a sensational revelation about the casting couch

TV actress Ratan Rajput has always been known for her unrequited love. During the Corona lockdown, Ratan started a YouTube channel of her own, on which she has been openly sharing things related to her life in block form. In one of his recent blogs, Ratan has made a sensational revelation about the casting couch happening in Bollywood. He said that 14 years ago a 60-65 year old producer approached him for a good relationship.

Much insulted to Ratan
Ratan also said in his blog that the old producer was so shameless that he said that if given the chance, he would even hook up with Ratan Rajput’s daughter. Ratan further said that today it has been 14 years. At that time I had come to Mumbai. One was an old man aged 60-65, who insulted me a lot. He used to tell me – look at your hair, look at your skis, what kind of clothes do you wear. Your entire look has to change. You need a complete makeover. For which 2-2.5 lakh rupees will be spent. But why should I spend so much money? If you want me to spend your money, you have to make me your godfather. You have to be my friend.

He was my father’s age
Ratan Rajput said that I was very scared after hearing all this. I was shocked to hear such things. I told him that you are same age as my father and how can I make you my friend. I respect you and will do as you say. Then the person got angry. He told me that I will do nothing for you. Only friendship happens here. If you want to enter the world of acting, just stop doing drama. Be a little wiser.

So I would sleep with my daughter…
Ratan made another shocking revelation. He said that when I told that man that he is my father’s age, he got angry and said – listen, if my daughter was also an actress, I would have slept with him too. Ratan said- I was shocked to hear his words. How can someone say that about his own daughter. Even today my mind tells me that if I meet him today, I will kick him in the mouth.

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