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Relationship goals: 10 Relationship resolutions you should make in 2023 | Relationship News

Healthy relationships: It’s simple to believe that a strong relationship can only exist because of love. However, successful relationships need both love and commitment. Setting short-term and long-term relationship objectives can help develop a relationship while ensuring that both partners are on the same page and appreciate the partnership.

Perhaps you want to get married, or maybe you want to give your marriage a fresh start after it has grown a little stale or y Maybe all you want is for your partner to respect you and vice versa. Here is a guide to improving your partnership including 10 relationship goals or new year resolutions for a stronger bond in 2023.

1. Start a weekly date night and play date.

It is more often than not that we get busy with the monotony of life and miss out on some quality time with our partners. Scheduling a weekly date/game night can prove beneficial and create a stronger bond.

2. Learn a new skill together.

Learning a new skill like going for a pottery class, painting, a new dance style or learning to make your partner’s favorite dish can be fun too. Try taking a cooking class together, learning to salsa dance, or picking up a new TV show.

3. Be more vulnerable, more receptive and share your feelings more openly.

Although feeling comfortable expressing yourself is the key to a happy and healthy relationship, being vulnerable can initially seem frightening. Every relationship has its good and terrible moments. Your ability to stick together, in the long run, will be determined by how you support one another on difficult days.

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4. Be more affectionate and prioritize intimacy.

Making time for sexual intimacy with your partner a priority is a part of creating relationship goals and prioritizing your relationship. If the stress of daily life is interfering with your sex life, it may be time to reevaluate how you spend your time and the reasons why being intimate with your spouse is at the bottom of your priority list.

5. Have regular check-ins with your partner.

It is easier to love your partner the way you like but challenging to show affection the way your partner really wants. So, after doing something for your partner just chek-in with your partner ie how they felt and if anything could have been done differently.

6. Improve communication and understanding

Now you may have great communication in your relationship but lack understanding. This can result in unnecessary arguments and prolonged silent cold wars. So don’t assume how your partner feels about a certain thing, instead talk to them and understand. If you are not able to comprehend seek your partner’s help as to what was their intention and idea.

7. Compliment your partner.

A random compliment throughout the day can make your partner beam with joy and a coy smile for many days to follow. Look for the good in your partner and share it. It is so much easier to find out the imperfection among people and especially in your partner but the task is to make them feel special by doing nothing extra.

8. Listen. Be a better listener.

If you want your partner to not assume you are a mind reader so simply listen to your partner the next time they are expressing their needs and feelings. For instance, if your partner is upset with you, so instead of giving the silent treatment and letting them blow up, simply ask what went wrong and with them being upset you feel even more hurt.

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9. Set tech-free zones and hours and be more present.

This is an important one. With smartphones and laptops taking away most of our time in the office and at home, try to create a certain area or time with no phones or gadgets around to simply sit and talk about each other’s day or read a book or try out that pizza recipe. together!

10. Praise more and criticize less.

Nobody enjoys criticism, especially when they are sharing a life-changing experience with their partner. To ensure that your partner feels comfortable being open and honest with you, establish a judgment-free zone. Try to appreciate your partner’s feedback, time and efforts to establish mutual respect and emotional support.

A relationship is a two-way street. For a relationship to succeed, both parties must be willing to put in the effort.

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