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Review: Radhe Shyam, How is Prabhas and Pooja Hegde’s film? – prabhas and pooja hegde starrer film radhe shyam movie review

Actors: Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Bhagyashree, Sachin Khedkar, Jagpati Babu, Murli Sharma, Kunal Roy Kapoor
Director: Radha Krishna Kumar
Category: Telugu, Drama, Romance
Time: 2 hours 18 minutes
Rating: 2.5 / 5

The story
Vikramaditya (Prabhas) is a famous astrologer. Looking at the lines of the hand tells a person’s past and future. Dr. him. Inspiration (Pooja Hegde) falls in love. He predicts that the life of inspiration is going to be wonderful. But destiny is written differently. Is it what the future has decided, what is going to happen or what is written can be changed … that is the story of the film.

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Guru Paramahansa (Satya Raj) runs a Vedic school. Some scientists come to them. The controversy between Jupiter Paramahansa and the scientist escalates. Scientists question his knowledge, study, astrology and palmistry. In the same order Vikramaditya (Prabhas) enters in front of the audience. That being said, Vikramaditya’s prophecy is never wrong.


Throughout the film, Vikramaditya claims that he does not have a love life in his hands, he flirts, but does not want a relationship. Later it was Dr. Prerna (Pooja Hegde) seems to love. Dr. Motivation is facing a difficult situation in her personal life. The twist in the story is that Vikramaditya sees the line of his hand and speaks of a bright future, while everything that is happening in his life is taking him in a different direction.

The story of the film shows that no science is 100 percent accurate. He tries to explain that one can change one’s destiny by one’s deeds. This also applies to the world’s most learned palmist astrologer. This 140-minute long film seems boring after a while, as it progresses, does not reach the end where the director wanted to deliver. The movie has big stars, almost all of the technology has been tried to work beautifully, but it doesn’t work.

‘Prabhas is one man show’, how is’ Baahubali ‘Prabhas’ film’ Radhe Shyam ‘?
The chemistry of Pooja Hegde and Prabhas is the biggest problem of this love story. Sadly, both have a lack of depth in their character. It could have been better crafted. Its deficiency also affects the performance of both the actors. However, Prabhas and Pooja Hegde have tried their best to do their part. There are many scenes in the screenplay that were not needed. There are many characters who had no role in the film. Also there are some incidents which are not well explained. You keep thinking about why or how this happened.

‘Radhe Shyam’ has been shot on a large canvas. The movie has beautiful Europe and it sounds like a fairy tale to you. The film is beautiful and grand to look at on screen. The music of Mithun, Amal Malik and Manan Bhardwaj is woven with the story of the film and you feel good about it. The picturization of some songs is good.

The VFX used in the film is to be commended. This is the quality of ‘Radhe Shyam’. But all this proves useless, because this is not connected in the love story. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.


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