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Rhea Chakraborty Talks About Relationship With Brother Showik, Shares How It Changed Post Her Time In Jail | People News

New Delhi: Rhea Chakraborty is among the popular actresses of the Indian cinema. She has remained strong rooted, even after going through a lot of ups and downs in life, and has inspired people to always come back stronger. The actress shares a great relationship with her family, but her bond with her brother is the closest to her heart.

In a recent interview, Rhea Chakraborty opened up about her relationship with her brother and said, “Some of us fight with our siblings, most of us fight with our siblings, but that love is very pure, and he’s my younger brother. So I also have that kind of motherly instinct towards him, which he hates. These are your weaknesses and strengths, right? 


The things that can break you are the relationships that you most care about. At the same time, they gave you the strength to fight for what is yours. Naturally, for us, given the fact that we went through a lot, that kind of trauma bonding happened when we got closer to each other, yet we were able to think about each other objectively.”

Continuing the same, Rhea said, “It’s a very important thing that he said to me when we got arrested: Now I’m not your brother, and you’re not my sister; don’t think of me as your brother. Whoever comes out first looks after mom and dad. So that becomes like worrying that somebody has to be with the parents, right?” 

“And now a days we are like obese siblings. Like the points here, there may be a guest in my house, and I’m sitting and talking to him or her, but my brother walks in from the gym, and I’m like, Hi baby! And my relatives are like, but, uh, one second, don’t you guys live together? And then he and I often joked about it, like they didn’t have what we had. That’s why they don’t get it. And I’m like, what? He’s like jail time.”

Rhea found herself in the middle of a storm after the death of her actor-boyfriend Sushant. She faced extensive trolling on social media. Both Rhea and her brother Showik were arrested by the NCB in a drug probe related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. 

The NCB has been investigating the alleged drug use in Bollywood and television industry following the death of Rajput who was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai Bandra on June 14, 2020. He was 34.

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