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Rishi Kapoor’s daily feud with Kapoor & Sons director Shakun Batra, twice thought of quitting the film – when rishi kapoor revealed about his fight with shakun batra during kapoor and sons

Late Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor’s final film ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ is set to release in theaters later this month. An old interview of Rishi Kapoor is going viral when fans are eager to see him for the last time in ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’, in which the actor revealed that he had twice considered skipping ‘Kapoor and Sons’. . In an interview given to a well known news outlet in 2016, Rishi Kapoor revealed about his constant quarrels and also said that he was thinking of releasing the film ‘Kapur and Sons’ directed by Shakun Batra twice. The veteran actor said that he was not happy with the method of direction. He said that he did not enjoy working with Shakun Batra in Kapoor & Sons. He also said that he worked on the film for 30 to 32 days.

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The actor revealed that there was not a single day when he and Shakun Batra did not fight. It was not a creative fight. It was something else. In fact, he said, they were fighting because they did not agree with Shakun Batra’s method of working on his role. Shakun Batra wanted to cover each of his shots from a different angle but I am an old-school actor. I couldn’t recreate the same expression many times for every mourning ‘, the actor said at the time.

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The actor further added that since he had to do prosthetic and makeup, it was often difficult for him to show the same emotion. He also complained to producer Karan Johar about this. Rishi Kapoor said that he did not make any explanation and there were fights and that is why he thought ‘Kapur and Sons’ was a challenging film but in the end it was good.

Rishi Kapoor passed away on April 30, 2020 after a two-year battle with cancer. But that did not happen. After which Paresh Rawal made an entry in the film. ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ is set to release on March 31.


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