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rupali ganguly, husband sacrificed for Rupali Ganguly, took early retirement from work to save son – anupamaa fame rupali ganguly feels she fails as a mother as his husband taking care of son

Rupali Ganguly is portrayed in the popular serial ‘Anupamaa’ as a mother who takes care of her children’s dreams, understands their needs, spends more time with them. Want to be friends. But due to busy schedule in real life, he doesn’t have any time for his son Rudransh. But husband Ashwin Verma is very supportive and has taken early retirement to take care of the house and son. None other than the actress said this in an interview given recently.

Rupali Ganguly said that ‘I consider myself lucky that I have a husband who is supportive. He took early retirement and came from America. It doesn’t matter if I work or not. We don’t have big dreams. He said that our son should have someone. I never leave my son with our house help. I have never done that either. I have a good girl as a caretaker. They are like my family. But I didn’t. My husband is supportive. He always stays with Rudrash. He has both mom and dad. Perhaps I have failed as a mother. But Ashwin fulfills both the responsibilities for my son’.

Rupali Ganguly has made a comeback after seven years from the serial ‘Anupama’. She is a working mother and faced a lot of criticism for her husband’s decision to stay at home and take care of their son. The actress said, ‘Whatever people say, they have got used to it. They have no work and therefore keep talking about anything’.

Rupali Ganguly is being loved in the lead role in ‘Anupama’. Playing the role of a housewife, she has won a place in the hearts of millions. Coming to the current track, Anupama is upset with Pakhi’s behavior after coming to the Kapadia mansion and kicks her out of the house, abandoning the rest of her daughter’s functions. Pakhi wants to take revenge for this and is planning to beat mom.

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