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Seeing the romantic scene with ‘Anuj’ makes the real life husband of ‘Anupama’ jealous? How hard is romance on screen after age 40? – anupamaa fame rupali ganguly explains how husband reacts to her romantic scenes with anuj kapadia

Very few actresses get the chance to have an onscreen romance after forty. Rupali Ganguly is one such actress who is currently having a romance with actor Gaurav Khanna in ‘Anupamaa’. The romantic track of both is also getting a lot of likes from the viewers. Rupali, who is playing the lead role in the serial ‘Anupama’, says that she is enjoying the experience with all her heart. Apart from this, what her husband Ashwin has to say about her onscreen romance and how the viewers feel about mature love stories, Rupali said in an interview to our associate Itimes TV.

Anuj-Anupama’s chemistry is very much liked by the viewers, what did Gaurav Khanna say about the romance between the two?

The ‘Anupama’ serial started with the message of women empowerment and now the story of the show revolves around the romantic track between Gaurav and you (Rupali). What is it like to experience romance on screen?

Replying, Rupali said, “It’s a wonderful experience. Anupama is constantly changing. Initially, the show revolved around Vanraj and Anupama’s story and their family drama. I never thought that something like this would happen in Anupama’s life and any other man in her life. This track is very organic. Rajan Shahi (Producer) and his team have beautifully crafted the whole track of Anupama’s transformation, seeing the heart melt. I always say that inside a woman there is always a little girl and a boy. Inside every man. Every time I see my scene with pride rather than the role of Anuj, my mind gets excited. At this age, Rajan Shahi has fulfilled all my desires to be a heroine. “

On the one hand, the love story of the youth is attracting attention, on the other hand, ‘Anupama’ is seeing the love story of your middle age and is also getting a lot of love from the viewers. When did you think that at this stage you would get a chance to romance on screen?

“I never thought I would have a romance on screen at this age. Especially the kind of romance I am currently doing in which the heart is pounding, curiosity is aroused and most importantly there is no physical contact between the two characters. I see that Physical chemistry is on display but viewers here are thirsty to see it, “added Rupali.

Will there always be a mature love story on Indian TV?

Rupali said, “Sure! There will always be a viewership of mature lovestory. People like young actors more than romance on screen, but women over forty are convinced by looking at Anuj and Anupama that Prince Charming is for everyone.”

Taking time out of busy schedule, Anupama’s team reached the cafe, Toshu said, “I don’t know when this will happen again.”

What is your husband’s opinion after seeing the romantic track? Are they jealous? Do you both sit together and watch the show? What is their reaction?

“My husband is really enjoying the romantic track between Anuj Kapadia and Anupama. We both sit together and watch the show. My husband is my biggest critic and biggest supporter. My husband has directed many commercials. Finds a small mistake and tells me that I could have done better if it hadn’t been for what I expected. I listen to their advice and try to correct it. My husband is my biggest fan. “, Said Rupali.

It is to be mentioned that 6 months ago, actor Gaurav Khanna made an entry in the serial ‘Anupama’. Pride is seen in the role of Anupama’s college friend Anuj Kapadia. Anuj has loved Anupama since college while Anupama’s feelings are new to him. While Anupama has confessed her love and said yes to Anuj for marriage, viewers are eager to see Anuj and Anupama become husband and wife. ‘Anupama’ serial tops most of the TRP charts.


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