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Separated from second wife Kiran Rao due to affair? Aamir Khan spoke openly about divorce for the first time – Aamir Khan claimed there was no one in his life when he gave divorce to Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao separated in July 2021 after 15 years of marriage. Following the announcement of the divorce, rumors circulated on social media that the ‘Ghajini’ actor had divorced due to his alleged relationship with someone else. Currently Aamir Khan was talking about divorce. In which the actor claimed that he did not divorce his first wife Reena Dutta because of Kiran Rao. He added that there was no one else in his life when he separated from Reena. He said that even though he knew Kiran, they became friends after a long time.

Fans were amazed to see Aaradhya Bachchan speaking pure Hindi.
When asked if her new relationship with Kiran was responsible for her divorce, she told News18 that there was no one in her life at that time and there is no one in her life now.


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Apart from this, Aamir Khan admitted that he and Kiran Rao were still in love. “Kiran and I love each other,” he said. We respect each other. But people don’t understand it and I accept it because that is not usually the case. But our relationship as husband and wife took a turn and we wanted to honor the institution of marriage. However, we are always on the side of each other. We work together. We live close by. But not husband and wife ‘.

In a joint statement released in July 2021, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao said, “In this beautiful company of 15 years, we have experienced a lifetime of experience, happiness, laughter and the trust, respect and love in our relationship has gradually increased. Now we want to start a new chapter in our lives but not as husband and wife, but as co-parents and family for each other. We have been planning to break up for some time and now we are ready to accept this arrangement within the ambit of law. We will live apart but live our lives together as an extended family. We will remain devoted parents of our son Azad and together we will raise and educate him ‘.


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