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Shabaash Mithu Movie Review: Taapsee Pannu breathes life into the slow-motion biopic – shabaash mithu movie review in english

Actor: Taapsee Pannu, Vijay Raj, Shilpi Marwah, Brijendra Kala, Inayat Verma, Kasturi Jagnam, Mumtaz Sarkar
Director: Srujit Mukherjee
Series: Hindi, Biopic
Time: 2 hours 36 minutes
Rating: 3.0 / 5

‘Yato Hasta: Tat Drishti, Yato Drishti Tat Man:’ Meaning where the hand is there should be the eye and where the eye is there should be the mind. Shabaash Mithu, an inspiring film based on the life of Mithali Raj, a cricket learner with the help of this original mantra of Bharatanatyam, has the eye, vision and soul all in one place.

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The story

The biopic of Mithali Raj, former captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, one of the most successful cricketers in the country, tells the story of how Mithun became a woman who made the country proud. The film tells the story of Bharat Natyam’s struggle to become a cricketer and then to identify his country’s women’s cricket team. At the same time, it raises the question of discrimination between boys and girls from home to the cricket ground. The film, written by Priya Ave and directed by Srijit Mukherjee, depicts Mithu’s journey from childhood to the 2017 World Cup final as a captain. At the beginning of this journey, Mithu finds a friend in the form of Noori who teaches you the rule of the game that you should not get out. Then coach Sampath (Vijay Raj) who recognizes his talent at first sight gives the basic mantra of life that, this field is also like life, no pain is big here, only the game is big. With her talent and these mantras, Mithali overcame every challenge to become the youngest captain of the Indian women’s cricket team.


However, Mithali’s life had none of the socio-economic struggles that are usually seen in the lives of hero-heroines. There was no shortage of rupees and no stubbornness to convince parents. From his sister Noori to a tea-hand, a blacksmith, a tanner’s daughter who is part of the team, the struggle seems too great. However, she is shown to have been given the impression that she is a sweet girl on various occasions since childhood. His grandmother and brother’s displeasure is palpable when Mitthi is selected for the team instead of his brother. Discrimination in treatment of female cricketers and male cricketers is also visible. There are some scenes in the film where male cricketers sit in front of a hoarding and urinate on female cricketers, a girl asks the captain of the Indian women’s team to take a photo with a male cricketer, the behavior of airport staff towards female cricketers makes you feel the discrimination and pain.

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The weak point of the film

The weak point of the film, however, is its slow pace. Many scenes seem to have been pulled without reason. Especially after the interval, Mithali’s defeat seems boring. In it, Amit Trivedi’s songs work to increase the length of the film. The length of the film could still be reduced to at least 20 minutes. Mithali’s contribution during the last World Cup has not been properly portrayed. However, when it comes to acting, Tapasi Pannu has flourished. His hard work is visible. Without speaking heavy dialogue, he has nicely brought Mithali to life on screen. However, his look could still be worked on. The dark makeup done on her face distracts. Vijay Raje has done justice to his character. Apart from this, Kasturi Jaganam will win hearts in the role of Inayat Verma and Nani Noori in the form of little salt.

Why watch

If you want to know the inspiring life journey of Mithali Raj, the former captain of the women’s cricket team, you must watch the film.

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