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shah rukh khan, fan’s question to Shah Rukh Khan: ‘If India reaches the final of the T20 World Cup, will you go to Australia?’ Actor’s answer won hearts – fan asks shah rukh khan if india enter in t20 world cup final will he go to australia

Now that the Indian team has reached the semi-finals, the fans are hoping to make it to the final as well and the Indian team is also seen sweating in the nets and on the ground to return home with the World Cup. A fan of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan has asked him whether he will go to Australia if India reaches the final of the T20 World Cup. Shahrukh has answered this question to win the hearts of fans. India created history by defeating Pakistan in the first T20 World Cup played in South Africa, once again India and Pakistan are looking likely to meet in the final as the England team lacks passion.


Team India and Pakistan have reached the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup. If these two teams win their next match, they will meet in the semi-finals. The final match of the T20 World Cup is scheduled to be played this Sunday, November 13.

A fan of Shah Rukh Khan asked him a question on Twitter to which Shah Rukh Khan gave a cool answer. Fan asked Shah Rukh, “Last time you went to watch the match when India qualified for the T20 World Cup final. If India reaches the final this time, will you once again become a lucky charm for India and go to Australia to watch the final?”

King Khan reacted to this fan’s question and said, “Insha Allah, when India does well in sports, one feels a lot of pride and happiness.” However, Shahrukh did not clarify in his answer that he will not go to Australia if India reaches the final.

In the T20 World Cup played in South Africa in the year 2017, India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs in the final. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan was also in Johannesburg, South Africa. Shah Rukh also celebrated the victory with the Indian players. Even today the fans remember those days and all the Indian fans are hoping that India will become the champion again and bring the World Cup.

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