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Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki To Get Rs 100 Cr Opening Like Jawan And Pathaan! | Movies News

New Delhi: It seems like the Badshah of Bollywood will be delivering a hat trick Of blockbusters this year . The teaser of his third film  “Dunki” has struck the right chord amongst fans and critics.

For many of us who have been ardent fans of Shahrukh Khan, the first glimpse of Dunki brought with it a wave of nostalgia for the actor as we know him. The image of him on the train reminded one of “Rahul of Dil Wale Dhulaniya Le Jayeenge, as he glanced at his love interest( Taapsee Pannu)  you could not help but remember the Sunil of Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, and his signature dry wit brought back memories of Badshah, Josh and many others. 

The overall mood of Dunki is far removed from the actor’s previous two blockbusters Pathan and Jawan, which exploded at the box office amassing 1000 crores each.

The films marked the return of King Khan 2.0. From a spate of box office flops and diminishing celebrity brand value, the renaissance man as he was being called, had reiterated that the Badshah was back after his four-year-long hiatus.

Trade sources say the superstar is enjoying the best phase of his career.  Sitting on earnings of 2000 crores, he is all set to end the year singing all the way to the bank once again.

Dunki, which marks the much-awaited collaboration between filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani and Shahrukh Khan, comes bearing the filmmakers’ signature satirical style. A socio-cultural commentary on illegal migration, of youth who set out from Punjab to London for a better life. The teaser which does not reveal much has  piqued the interest of all.

“Dunki will be more entertaining than Jawan and Pathan, and am going to be romancing again after a long time”, is what the actor said to fans at the launch, without revealing much.

Shahrukh Khan is often described as an emotion by his fans who transcends borders. The young man from Delhi who went on to carve a one-man industry in his three-decade-plus career has emerged as a symbol of hope, aspiration, and secularism. 

“There is no completion in the success and there is no incompleteness in the failure that I’ve gone through for 30 years. It’s just the desire to leave a part of me in every film, for better or worse, it may not be liked and maybe disliked.  That’s why I don’t get too taken in by what people might think I’ve done in a film, because I know there’s a part of me and a lot of people may not see it, but it belongs to me. So I love every film that I do”, says Shahrukh Khan introspectively.

Even as cynics, and skeptics came down heavily on him, especially in events leading to his son Aaryan’s arrest in 2021, the actor maintained a dignified silence. His quietude won him fans across, and his box office blitzkrieg proved a point, you cannot keep a good man down for long. An actor who calls himself a humble employee of the brand Shahrukh Khan says.

“There is an image that people have created of me, but I don’t let it overtake me. Some think I am nice, and some think I am arrogant. I could well be all of it or none of it. So I just regard it as a myth.”

Dunki is all set to hit screens on December 22 and will be taking on Prabhas’s Salaar.

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