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Shanti Bhushan Singh, Shanti Bhushan Singh: Struggle of shanti bhushan singh from ghazipur village to bollywood

Ghazipur: Shanti Bhushan Singh, who lives in Yuvrajpur village in Gazipur, has made a difficult journey from a small village to Bollywood. Against the wishes of his father and family, he found direction in his life in films, directing, writing etc. He also got a lot of success. He scripted the TV shows Agale Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Pratgya, Ishq Ka Rang Saft, Namak Ishq Ka, Dr BR Ambedkar. He taught her to speak Bhojpuri in Aamir Khan’s film PK. But even today Shanti Bhushan Singh cannot decide whether the people of his village look at him with respect or contempt. But it is also true that they do not care about this.

In a conversation with our associate NBT Online, Shanti Bhushan said that she comes from a very ordinary family. He was fond of literature since childhood. This was because his father, who was himself a teacher by profession, encouraged him to read poetry, plays etc. along with magazines. When Shanti was a child, his father gathered the youth of the village and prepared him for the Ramlila Manch.

Father was against plays
Shanti’s father late. Murali Singh also helped the drama troupe financially. But despite all this he did not allow Shanti Bhushan to participate in the Ramlila. Shanti says that this was a time when people working in theater were not looked upon with much respect. After completing his primary education in the village and a school next to the village, Shanti reached Ghazipur then Allahabad before peace.

Joined a drama society in Allahabad
But while living in Allahabad, Shanti played various roles with various theater troupes. Shanti said that her entry into the world of dramas was also just a coincidence. His dream was to take admission in the National School of Drama. Meanwhile a close friend of his said that drama/acting experience is also required for NSD admission. After this, Shanti continued to stage plays by joining drama circles to complete her NSD qualification.


Decided to go to Mumbai
During this time he also played the role of announcer at the Allahabad center of All India Radio for about 6 years. Apart from this, he was also a regular columnist in the art and culture column of newspapers and magazines. Meanwhile, many of his friends who were in touch with him had come to Mumbai. Shanti had mentally prepared herself that she would have to move to Mumbai to find her future in Bollywood.

‘Sapno Ki Nagri’ arrived in the year 2000.
Meanwhile, Shanti was helping at the local level for cinema units coming from Mumbai to Lucknow, Allahabad etc for shooting. He said that while living in Allahabad, he helped famous cinema director Tigmanshu Dhulia in shooting. Shanti got this connection through contact with friends living in Mumbai and people who had worked together in theatre. In the year 2000, he reached Mumbai on the invitation of his friends and to fulfill his resolve to make something in the cinema industry.

The struggle started
Recalling that period, Shanti Bhushan says that he first met renowned producer, director Prakash Jha in relation to work. Prakash Jha said that currently he is not planning to produce any film, if he has work he will definitely add Shanti with him. Jha advised Shanti to work in a serial or some other project till then.

First Assistant Director of Initiatives
Shanti said that he felt comfortable working as a director in Bollywood according to his assessment and his ability. His first job was as an assistant director. He could not devote much time to acting. The financial pressure on them was constantly increasing. Before moving to Mumbai, he got married and the responsibility of raising two children fell on him.

I understood the work from Punjabi serial
He had to struggle a lot to find work in Mumbai. Whenever he went to Mumbai to look for work, people would ask him if he had any previous experience working in the film industry. Then, with the help of a friend, he started traveling on the shoot with the intention of learning to work in an under-production Punjabi serial. For four-five days, he silently watched the details of the shooting with concentration. After which he sent his resume to a private company.

When he called the company about the job, the company asked him if he was the one who sent his resume in Hindi. He got a job in this company. During the job he was hired as an assistant director, compiling scripts for the final scenes on set. Once the director was asked, he said that I am filing the final done scene on the day. Since then, people on the set used to jokingly call him ‘Dun Sean’.

Recognition by Pledge
Shanti Bhushan started working as a screenwriter for television serials from the year 2009 itself. Shows like ‘Agale Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’ and ‘Pratijna’ were very popular for him. Shanti also taught Aamir Khan to speak in Bhojpuri during the film ‘PK’. This experience was very good for him.

Then one day the call came
He said about this that in the year 2009 his serial Pratiksha became very popular on television. Aamir Khan’s mother used to follow this serial continuously. Aamir also used to watch serials with his mother. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan told PK producer Rajkumar Hirani that he watches Pratgya serial and likes the way Shyam’s character speaks in it. One day there was a call on Shanti Bhushan’s mobile. The caller identified himself as Rajkumar Hirani. Shanti could not believe that he is famous Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani. However, Hirani called Shanti Bhushan to his office.

Interview with Aamir Khan
Hirani told Shanti Bhushan that his next film required vernacular dialogues. Having said that, he gave some dialogues from the movie PK. Shanti Bhushan placed them in front of him, giving them a touch of Bhojpuri. Hirani sent those dialogues to Aamir Khan. Aamir liked this Bhojpuri style. Aamir first met him at his office, later invited him to his home. This meeting helped Shanti Bhushan understand Aamir.

Stayed on the sets of PK for 15 months
Shanti Bhushan started teaching Aamir Bhojpuri pronunciation during the shooting of the film. He felt that his work would be completed in a few days. But Aamir Khan insisted that Shanti Bhushan stay on the sets of the film till the shooting of the film is completed. Eventually, Shanti Bhushan put all her other projects on hold for a while and stayed on the sets of PK for the next 15 months.

‘It’s a pleasure to come to Bollywood’
Today, when Shanti Bhushan is asked whether the people of his village, home look at him with respect or even today with contempt, he cannot give a definite answer. They say I don’t care anymore. I am happy that I am doing what I wanted to do in life. Working in Bollywood gives him unlimited joy. Shanti Bhushan said that he is working on some more projects in the coming days, which will soon be seen on the silver screen.

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