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Shark Tank India Judge Ashneer Grover Explains Difference Between Rich And Middle Class People, Funny Video Goes Viral – ashneer grover represents the difference between rich and middle class people

Shark Tank India Judge Ashneer Grover is in the discussion for some reason. Entrepreneur’s funny video with social media creator Shubham Gaur showing the difference between rich and middle class demand is going viral. Recently, Ashneer Grover collaborated with Shubham Gaur to create a video that highlighted the main differences between the affluent class and the middle class people who show the direction of the road. In other videos, he also showed what kind of demands middle class people have when it comes to decorating their cars.

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In the first video, Ashneer Grover became rich while Shubham became a middle class man. In which Shubham asks Ashnir the way to reach his house. “Take your car to the service lane,” says Ashnir. My garage will be out. Let him know, he will park your car ‘, Shubham asks him’ Is the guard wearing Gucci’s T-shirt? ‘ So Anshir says’ Hey he’s cleaning inside, the guard is different. Once you park the car, my Maybach is there too. A little long, cross it and come. Porsche has fallen behind it. To its right are personal lifts and private lifts. Which opens in front of the door of my house. Come and ring the doorbell ‘.

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The video then tells Shubham how middle class people show her friend the way home on the phone. He says, ‘Yes, you have to turn left. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Yes, the same broken road. If you come in, there is plenty of room for parking. I’ll park it anywhere. ‘

Apart from this, in a video, Shubham Gaur was seen asking Ashneer Grover if he had Vijay Mallya’s number. Initially, Shubham was seen talking to Ashnir Grover about the type of sticker to be affixed to the car. At the end he tells them that ‘we put all the money in the dining table’. It is to be mentioned that the dining table in Ashneer Grover’s house was rumored to be worth Rs 10 crore.

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Ashneer Grover was the co-founder and managing director of BharatPe. However, the committee later accused him of abusing company funds to live a life of luxury. He and his wife were removed from all positions in the company after a long dispute. They have gained a lot of popularity since they became part of Season 1 of Shark Tank India. The second season of this show is also coming very soon.

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