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Shefali Jariwala was looking for a lady driver, not finding her house help and training – actress shefali jariwala made her house help learn driving to empower her

Actress Shefali Jariwala has long wanted to have a lady driver. However, despite great efforts, this wish was not fulfilled and Shefali took up the responsibility of training a woman. Shefali has admitted 42-year-old Rekha Mujmule, who has been doing housework there for 15 years, into driving class. Talking about this, Shefali said, “I do not accept that women are inferior to men when it comes to driving. I drive and I believe that women drivers are more patient, caring and follow the rules.”


“In fact I have been looking for a lady driver for me for a long time but could not find her. Rekha was interested in driving so I thought why not put her in driving school? Rekha takes care of my house and takes care of everything else when I go out for work. Then why doesn’t he even drive my car? It just started from here “, Shefali added.

Shefali further said, “We admitted Rekha to driving school in August last year. It took Rekha about four months to learn basic driving. She later applied for a driving license and got the license after passing the exam in December.”

Today, if Shefali wants to go anywhere, Rekha drives him. “She is shy but I urge her to accompany me wherever I want to go. I am sure she will gain confidence over time and she will take other people in the car. My intention behind this is to make her financially safer and To strengthen. I think people have many doubts about having a lady driver. Hopefully one day our society will accept women drivers. I believe that strong women should empower other women too. I am grateful to help other women and I’m capable of inspiring. I want to see more and more women do things that only men can do in general. It’s important to break down gender inequality. “


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