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Sherlyn Chopra, ‘Applies 31 Kg of Makeup and Mimics All Day’, Sherlyn Chopra hits back at Rakhi Sawant – Sherlyn Chopra hits back to Rakhi Sawant and mimics her

Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Khan is currently seen in ‘Bigg Boss 16’. He has been charged under the MeToo movement. Actress Sherlyn Chopra has also filed a complaint against Sajid. She is constantly coming to the media and giving statements. After seeing all this, Rakhi Sawant said a lot against Sherlin and now she is seen challenging Sherlin.

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Earlier, Rakhi made fun of Sherlin

Recently, Rakhi Sawant, who appeared in front of the media, answered the question of photographers and said that Sherlin Chopra files a case of rape on someone every 6 months. It has not improved itself and has set out to improve others. She said that she should drown herself with water in the lid. Also, he made fun of Sherlyn’s crying. Now in response to this, Sherlyn has also mocked Rakhi in front of the media.


Shirley’s joke

Talking to the media, Sherlyn Chopra said, ‘Rakhi applies 31 kg of makeup. Uses hair extensions and wigs to hide baldness. She changes her boyfriend and husband every 3-4 months. Why do we ever ask? What can we do if he is jealous now? Shall we send Barnol to his house?’

A copy of Sherlyn’s takedown

Taking down Rakhi Sawant’s copy, Sherlyn continued, ‘Heh-heh in front of the media. Adil-Adil keeps talking. What does Nautaki do? stupid Hey, get inside the gym. Do weight lifting. Build biceps. Build a body, but madam does not want to work hard. That’s it, 24 hours to speak in front of the media-paparazzi and shout Adil-Adil.’

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Rakhi replied to Sherlin

However, Rakhi Sawant has responded to Sherlin’s statement. He has responded by sharing a video. In the video, Rakhi says, ‘Sharlin Chopra…you will get a heartwarming answer. I am busy shooting for three days. Merlin Chopra…will give you a heartwarming answer. Wait and watch.’

Sajid Khan was accused four years ago

It is worth mentioning that, in the year 2018, Sajid Khan was accused of sexual harassment by several actresses and models in Me Too Angargat. In which Sherlyn Chopra’s name was also included. Sajid was banned from the industry for a year after being accused of Me Too. However, now he can get back to work and maybe that’s why he is also seen in ‘Bigg Boss’.

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